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Who Am I...

I am one of the most powerful witches

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My Story Is...

I hated my life when I was born. Ever since I was born, I had no parents. You would think that would be great…. But no it isnt! Cordiella however has saved my life! She took me in when I was little. That’s where I met my best friend. We grow up together. Like sisters, we both didn’t now we were hybrids until we got older. My parents were killed by demons. The demons wanted their werewolf like powers.

My Appearance

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The only thing I ever carry on me is the necklace my bestie gave me. I had it since we were little kids.

My Secrets Are...

Ah! Wouldn’t you like to know? You have to find out on your own!

I Believe...

That having one loyal friend is much better than a thosand.