Who Am I...

I am an elemental elf

Romantic Interests

I want someone who will understand me, and won't judge me because of my baggage, and my past.

Relationship Status

I'm happily loved by my beasty.

My Story Is...

I grew up in a tribe that consisted of many other elf’s. We’re called guardians, and we had protectors, called keepers. My tribe was attacked when I was eleven years old, and I am the only surviver of the MoonPack tribe. And I will avenge my family, no matter what it takes.

My Appearance

I have blond hair, that falls in voluminous curls down the my waist, and usually covers my ever changing eyes, which are usually blue, but when I tap into an element, they can change. I’m lithe, with the body of a gymnast, though Im short, my height tapping out at a measely five foot one. I have fair skin, which is marred on my back, because of extensive torture when I was young.


I have a dagger, which if touched by wind, fire, earth, or water, I can will it into an object of my chosing. I also have a locket, that contains my sister’s tiaka which in English translates into spirit.

My Secrets Are...

Obviously my secrets. So who would be stupid enough to share them with you?