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#wattpad #fanfic Naruto uchiha en su última batalla es succionado por un portal que lo lleva a otro mundo muy diferente encontrándose con el mismísimo lucifer pero es algo diferente a lo que él pensaba. aquel lucifer le pidió que se uniese a él pero todo lo decidida una batalla que pasar descubran

Who Am I...

Mizuki Uchiha

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

Mizuki Uchiha is a young adult (though he looks older, and tends to)(his eyes can see the flash run). His father and mother were on a vacation away from the clan while Itachi was murdering them all. Itachi then found out about this a year later and tracked them down, slaughtering both parents in the process. Mizuki only escaped because Itachi was chased off by the leaf ninja that came to check on his parents. Taken from the corpse of his mother (literally) he was raised in secret to the age of 6 before he struck out on his own in the wilderness. There mizuki befriends animals of all sorts and comes across the toad sages. There they took him in and raised him as a grandchild. Eventually he meets Jiraiya every now and then but does learn of his death and you can remember everything else that goes on.

My Appearance

Mizuki is 5 foot 10 inches, he has a muscular build but cannot be seen at first glance from the long sleeved tunic he wears. He wears a grey cloak that goes all the way to his knee caps, the cloak does have a turtleneck to it though it doesn’t close all the way around his neck. Under the cloak lies a black v necked shirt. The V goes far down on his body where it sits 2 inches above the middle of his body. He wears black fingerless gloves with metal protection on the back of the gloves. Mizuki also wears black pants with a silver thin belt. His shoes are standard shoes that everyone wears at the leaf village. (he has never been to the leaf village though)The uchiha has a defined build, not very muscular. His skin is white (not literally) and a scar across his eyes from the first fight he ever had. His hair is black with a hint of moonshine at the core, his hair is also long and does dangle over his shoulders behind his body. His eyes are black and white. He also wears a scarf around his neck a dark shade of blue.

Mizuki, when he has time to prep for battle, will often wear a madara inspired outfit wearing a faded blue kamino and a samuri Sword, as well as soft gingerly made gloves worn by madara himself actually. He wears such light clothes so that he can be nimble in battle and not hindered by any weight. (thank god reanimation jutsu). In this attire he wields also a sword. The sword is also special as it allows more concentrated water jutsu and ampliflies lightning attacks. The name of this sword is called Mizu no Raitoningu.  (battle attire bellow)MADARA UCHIHA _ The Perfect storm by Zetsuai89 on DeviantArt

Mizuki, when studying or doing something ‘fancy’, will often where a black tuxedo suit with its sleeves rolled up and black glasses.

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Jutsu: Lighting blade
Wooden cage
Water clone
Knows taijutsu
Lightning dragon
Water prison jutsu
Water wall
Giant Vortex
Water dragon
Raging waves
Lighting Hell stab
Lightning scattershot
Substitution jutsu
Healing touch
Reanimation jutsu
Summoning jutsu
Inventory: 24 kunias (10 bomb, 10 regular, 4 teleportation)
3 paper bombs
1 teleportation scroll
1 tip-less tonto around his waist
Different types of rope and lengths
Canteen for holding water
Thermos (ironically) for holding food.                                                                                                       3 writing scrolls for drawing

My Secrets Are...

Unlike most in his universe, anyone can fight him. Those that tend to be way stronger than him in his universe (such as naruto or might guy) his jutsu and inventory allow him to keep up with him but his lack of physical strength means you don’t have to break boulders to hurt him. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Another secret. Every uchiha that has unlocked the wheel barrow eye they do something unique. Itachi was amaterasu, Obito was Kamui. Mizuki’s is actually the ability to copy and use other people’s genkai. The downside to this is that it takes quite a lot of chakra to use and has a toll on his body. He can use Kamui 4 times a day without rest. He can use Amaterasu also 4 times a day. He can also use Kotoamatsuka 3 times a day, Tsukuyomi 1 times a day. If you would like to know what these abilities do without potentially dying to Misuki send me a personal message. So, he can only use his freeze ability in his right eye when his left is closed. Also, in terms of the abilities of genjutsu/kekkei genkai that have been copied, think of the system like playing a pokemon game. There is a certain amount of uses each ability has. Except in this version you can go past the usage of one ability but in consequence Mizuki can’t use others. Here is an example. Let’s say his ‘four’ pokemon abilities are Kamui: Amaterasu: Tsukuyomi: And Tenseigan. He can only use Kamui 5 times a day. But then he uses Kamui a 6th time, guess what…he can’t use Tenseigan. He pretty much has to balance where he puts his chakra in. Not only that but when Mizuki uses an ability it isn’t as strong as the person he copied it from. Such as if he copied Kamui (he did) it would be a slower transportation or with Amaterasu it would burn at a lesser rate.



Mizuki is the protector of a secret forest. Before, his older sister guarded it long ago but she was eventually murdered after being tortured by an enemy clan. Mizuki, upon hearing this, takes it upon himself to protect the forest as it’s 5th guardian. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mizuki’s strength comes from his energy pool. He can preform moves in as slow as 2 seconds, yes that is slow for him. And as fast as half a second. His arms are where his speed is at. And his eyes can react up to mili-seconds. Be aware that he does not like to pick fights but if you start one with him he will finish it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mizuki’s fighting style consists of being a glass cannon. Being able to deal a lot of damage but not taking it all himself. Though he tends to forget this as he is extremely smart and able to solve a problem merely by taking a glance at it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mizuki’s sharingan eye, unlike most that wield it, has no draw backs. and this continues until it reaches the “Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.” That is when he will start going blind.      __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mizuki is taught by amazing teachers. Jiraiya, who taught him jutsus, Itachi, who taught him patience and planning. Madara, all be it a much much weaker version, who taught him the secrets of the sharingan, And most of all Minato, who taught him how to relax and stay calm during tense situations. Everything else he learned by staying with the toad sages. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mizuki is also cursed to go after girls that reject him in the end. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Created a new style of jutsu called Combo style. It is a style that combines multiple elements into one jutsu. This takes a lot of time to master and even use as it can be lethal if not used correctly. This is also a form of jutsu that cannot be copied unless you have mastered or understood the combo style. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Mizuki is actually the jinchuriki and the beast he holds in the two tails. The beasts name is Matabi.  Mizuki only ever taps into it’s power when he is on his last leg. The beast, now and days, prefers to not be bothered. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ONERES Esta es una de las postales del set "Serefián" que te podés llevar con el libro de SERENO comprando por preventa la opción… Mizuki’s most strongest style is one that he learned from his bigger sister. He concentrates and goes into a flow like state by calming his mind and his style changes to instinct and as a dance tune to it. It’s melody is very very difficult to find.

I Believe...

If one person can destroy the entire world, then what stops a person from having the ability to save it?