Lucy H. Nyx


My name is Lucy Nyx I’m the creation of an archangel that crossed with a demon

Who Am I...

Lucy Nyx

Romantic Interests

Romance is a concept I do not yet understand

Relationship Status

what is a "relationship status"?

My Story Is...

She’s quiet, strong, intelligent, cunning, cold hearted and misunderstood. However this wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary with her horrifying past.

She was born and raised in the fiery depths of hell. Lucifer her father and Lilith her mother always took great care of her in a demonic way. They trained her to be cold hearted and a great warrior. She lived for war and death. Everywhere she went followed a dark aura. Her parents exploited her powers with the fact that they now had a part demon part archangel daughter living among them.

She stayed in hell and out of trouble despite how much she hated it there. At first she didn’t mind, until she started asking to go to different realms. She wasn’t aloud to leave hell. Her parents feared that people would change her to be good. After continually asking her parents they started to punish her every time she asked to leave until she stopped asking.

She was 16 years old when she could no longer contain her burning anger and when on a rampage through hell killing millions of demons and souls. With every kill she became stronger and darker. She broke the limits of her power and went insane with range.

After she came out of her killing frenzy she changed the way she looked with her powers and escaped hell never to return, so she hopes.

My Appearance

This is waht Lucy looks like in her true form

This is what Lucy looks like in her true form.


This is what Lucy looks like in her cat form, which is the form she has taken up to hide from her father, demons, and other magical creatures that are after her

This is what Lucy looks like when she’s in

her cat form, which is the form she’s usually in.


A death scythe, a knife in my boot, and a blade that I carry in my hair piece.

My Secrets Are...

The person that I’m most horrified of is myself, and I often think of the past

I Believe...

sometimes the realest things are the things we cant see