…in the end our choices

Who Am I...

A being of shadows and darkness who is able to control the darkness itself

Romantic Interests

Anyone who loves me dearly

Relationship Status

Currently single as of right now

My Story Is...

A being of the night and of the shadows..I prefer the soft moonlight to the glaring sun… I was born in the shadow of a abandoned city…I don’t know much about it..only it was infested with  various insane criminals and deadly creatures…really i kept to myself when I was younger and living there…

My Appearance

A black haired wolf neko with red eyes and fair skin I wear whatever feels comfortable on my body.. mostly dresses


Katana..two hand held sickles . scythe with a acid coated blade.. the ability to control the shadows and darkness itself to my will

My Secrets Are...

Much too painful to say..bad memories..but it made me strong

I Believe...

In kindness.. and sometimes violence