• Roland Morrison posted an update 11 months ago

    @rupert-giles You kill vampires right? I dare you to try!

    • You must calm down, young man. I have nothing against you. I certainly do not slay vampires unless given a reason.

      • Lemme give you a reason. PUSSY!!!

        • That is quite uncalled for. Do you have a death wish? It seems to me that you are invoking me into harming you. I will not do such things to you. Now, if you need to talk, I will sit down with you so that you may discuss whatever it is that is bothering you. But, bare your fangs, and you shall have trouble from me.

          • Maybe. But who cares? no one cares about me, old man. If I die it doesn’t matter to me or anyone. No one likes me. I’m all alone!! ALONE! *shows fangs and runs off*

            • I do not know you, but I am sure, that with time, I would grow to care about you. It does matter, young man. If you are an innocent, than you dying is unnecessary. It would be tragic. You are obviously still a fledgling, and you need guidance. I can provide that for you. And please, do not run off! // I’ll send you a starter in messages.//

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