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Astra, Asteria Lilith Morningstar, succubus, mistress Tal, Talia Merthrennath, nobody, blake sinclare, the thunderbird, the phoniex,

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The story’s told of a beautiful garden being created and filled with animals and among them one great creation. Man or the start of mankind. From clay, the first thing to be created was a man named Adam and then it was told that the second thing to be created (from Adams’s rib) was a woman named Eve. All of this was believed to be true and right but something had been forgotten. Something that could change the belief of what happened in the garden of Eden. Lilith the very first woman to be created had been exiled from the garden of Eden because of the simple fact that Lilith rebelled against her husband Adam. 

Like Adam, she was made from clay and this gave Lilith the idea or rather the thought that she was equal or better than Adam. Adam was treated specially by The creator Known as Gods and this made the first woman Lilith mad as she didn’t see Adam, a man, being better or rather over her. Since Lilith was rebelling and didn’t accept her husband’s domination, God gave Lilith a choice to rather be submissive towards her husband or leave the garden of Eden. so Lilith, not wanting to submit to her husband, left the garden of Eden and settled herself near the red sea. God, however, wasn’t pleased by how Lilith left Eden and Adam behind. So he sent angels to try and convince her to come back but she dismissed them and turned her back on God. Adam became lonely not having a wife anymore and so God gave him a new one in which the rest of their story plays out but what people didn’t know is that since Lilith turned her back on her creator she was demonized. 

She had the power, among many other powers, to create diseases that were deadly to babies. So, God sent three angels, and to protect the children the three angels gave the babies amulets with the name of the angels that try to take Lilith back to Eden. a thing that people assumed happens is that Eve was tricked but the prince of lies, Lucifer, but that information was what happened. Even though Lilith was exiled and lived a life of her own. She was jealous of the life that Adam and Eve were living in the garden. So she transformed into a serpent and tricked Eve to eat the apple out of jealousy. Some people saw Lilith as a fertility Goddess and others saw her as a devilish figure. 

Before the time of Lilith, there was the highest Archangel named Lucifer. The highest archangel and archangel were high heavenly creatures. Lucifer out of all of them was the most beautiful, the strongest, the smartest, etc. all of this was good but it started to feed into his Pride once he started to realize how much he was adored. The more praise he got the more prideful he became and the more prideful he became the more he began to think about how he could be like a god or rather how he could be God or higher than him. Lucifer didn’t just want to be a well-known angel but someone with the power that was better than god. The more he put some thought into it, the more he began to hatch a plan against god. He took what he had and started to manipulate other angels in which some of them fell for his game and later on those same angels would be known as fallen angels. 

The day came and Lucifer with one-third of the angels battled the other angels and God for heaven. During the battle Lucifer found himself going head to head with one of the greatest angels named Micheal. Lucifer changed into a dragon to become a hard opponent but the angel Micheal was a greater opponent and won the battle because God was on his side. After the battle God cast Lucifer and his fallen out of heaven. After being cast out of heaven Lucifer decided to spend his life destroying God’s creation in which God made to be like himself.

Going back to Lilith, before she had settled she was wandering in the wilderness for months until she came face to face with a beautiful man named Lucifer. Lucifer had wound in his back as that was where his wings used to be until he fell from heaven and his wing got clipped. Anyways Lucifer helped Lilith and she decided to align with him which made her turn her back away from God and become the person she is. Having developed a relationship with Lucifer, Lilith, and Lucifer made a choice together to help each other destroy God and his creation. This is why Lucifer let Lilith get revenge in the garden of Eden instead of doing it himself. The story had been changed to forget Lilith and remember Lucifer. Which made Lucifer and Lilith partnership that much better. 

In secret Lilith seemed to notice that Lucifer, a man, was taking charge again and she didn’t agree with it but she knew that it was a good idea to get on Lucifer’s bad side so she stayed under his command. As years went on, Lilith and Lucifer continued to spread chaos. The more and more Lucifer took over the more and more Lilith fell out of alignment with him. One day she went to Asmodeus, one of the princes of hell, the prince of lust to be exact and made a plan to overthrow Lucifer. To ensure his safety the prince of lust made a deal that if Lilith gave the mark of Cain to him he would give her lucifer seed because they both knew Lucifer would hurt one of his children. In agreement Lilith gave the prince of lust the mark of Cain, meaning that he was under the protection and no one could hurt him, not even the lucifer. In return, Asmodeus gave Lilith Lucifer seed, which ensured her protection if the plan went wrong. Before the plan could commence the prince of lust bailed and was nowhere in sight, leaving Lilith to face Lucifer’s wrath. Without fear, she faced lucifer wrath but was able to avoid it by announcing the news that she had lucifer seed inside her and that she was pregnant with a baby girl. 

Six months had passed and Lilith’s daughter Astra or for long Asteria Lilith Morningstar was born. The birth was a great deal as all demons around hell and on earth came to celebrate the birth of the princess of hell. The birth did not end in happiness but rather in a war called The final Day. It was the war in which Lucifer would go head to head with God’s son Jesus one last time ending all life on earth. During the big long battle, Lilith took up her baby and made a plan to run for it but only made it the gate of hell when she was confronted by one of the princes of hell except for lucifer.  Lilith knew her time had come to an end and so with one last burst of chaotic energy, she sent her baby away from all the horror and to a place in the verse called hellifyno where she knew of someone that could take care of her baby.

Out of all the different piles of earth in the verse, some had made it to the final day ending differently than each other and one of those earth was Asteria Lilith mornignstar’s. Now even though her earth might have ended it was said that after the final day lucifer would rule the earth while Jesuses people would be safe in heaven. So the chance of Astra’s dad being alive was high but for her mom being alive was mid percentage to low. For the time being Astra would live with one of the exiled princes of hell named Asmodeus, the prince of lust. Lilith knew that Asmodeus was still alive and she knew where he was for she had a good inner eye about these things. She also knew that if she sent her newborn baby to his doorstep, the prince of hell would know what to do and why it needed to be done. So without regret as said before Lilith ended sending her baby off. 

Asmodeus is one of the princes of hell, he represents all things that have to deal with lust and lustful desire. Asmodeus’ original name was asmodai which stands for wrath as he had a hatred for angels and humans alike. It was told that he was as evil as they came, that he loved to play games and torture his victims for fun. Although Asmodeus had wrath, he had a real big problem with conflict and when in battle often he ran to hide behind the women he possessed under his control. Asmodeus was not a very well known demon back in biblical times because everything that the people did, they did without real knowledge of what demon or prince of hell was behind it. God’s holy people use to turn away from God quite frequently. They would turn to false Gods one of them (even though not known) being Asmodeus. 

Anyways Asmodeus left hell and went to the world hellifyno where he resided in the city of twine island, leaving behind hell and everything that he owned to start fresh. When Asteria was at his doorstep he was unsure to take in the baby, for he wanted to leave all hellish things behind but since Asteria was the daughter of Lucifer, Asmodeus was in contract to do the duties of the king which included protecting Lucifer’s family line. So Asmodeus took up the baby and raised it as if it was his own. Time passed and the baby grew and grew. The skills that she possessed were unlike anything he had ever seen and her beauty was something that caught his attention. Once she hit 20 she stopped aging and therefore Asmodeus was up for marrying the beautiful princess of hell and he did. Asmodeus used every trick in his book of lust to court the princess and she knew all of them but it didn’t stop them from working. So Asteria willingly married the prince of lust. After marrying the prince of lust. Life for them seemed to be going great but the more Asmodeus’s lust for Asteria grew. The more Asteria noticed that Asmodeus was obsessed with her and very controlling. 

Like her mother, Asteria hated men being in control of her and so she came up with a plan on how she was going to get away from her husband and get revenge on him for wasting her time, with his lustful demands. Weeks passed and Asteria finally got her plan in order. For her to get away from Asmodeus and be safe from his wrath. Asteria would have to feed into what he wanted but also… take something that she wanted and that would help her with overcoming Asmodeus. The night came and Asmodeus was in the mood for sexual pleasure and so he went to his wife for what he wanted and Asteria taking advantage seduced him until he was naked. Then she took her mark and struck. She was able to take the mark of Cain and use it for herself and then before leaving, asteria used one rare ability and was able to get rid of the prince of lust but trapping him in a box with the mark of Abel on it. 

After all, this was done Asteria used her most chaotic energy to open a rare vortex name after Lucifer called Lucifer’s vortex. This power is known to be used by only lucifer and every demon that had his blood running through their veins.


Talia was born with a very powerful heritage that runs to the beginning of time where powerful forces created her world. This world was not earth nor hellifyno but a place of darkness named Aenov. On aneov some of the darkest creatures came to exist, vampires, demons, werewolf, shadows, grim reapers, void, etc. the first to be on Aneov was a purely powerful woman named Azaereth,  who was a succubus and controlled a lot of powerful magic too. Talia’s father named Lazareth was among the original vampires of the planet Aneov. Aneov held unlimited resources and things of the dark that lived together with no limits. The mortals that did exist were just for the immortal pleasure and fun as a lot of the dark things that you would find on planet aneov loved to play games. With all this being said anenov was just a peaceful planet as no other planet with living things are.

Anyways, years and time would pass and the planet and its people would evolve and change. With this change came clans, and grouping up with the people that best represented themselves. Werewolves with werewolves, demons with demons, the list go on and on.  As these communities, groups, or whatever you would like to call them formed, alliances were placed and one alliance got the two most powerful people on aenov together. The demon and vampires shared common hate for the werewolves and so the two groups decided to become in alignment with each other. While this happened azaereth and lazareth got to know each other quite well and grew fond of each other pretty quickly. Love was in the air for the couple and soon enough the succubus was supernaturally expecting a baby.

This news seemed to have the world abuzz as the baby would be the first of many to be a hybrid between two species. As the succubus was pregnant with her child it became clear that she held the influence and power, so she would set herself upon a mission to make her family a very strong and influential one.  This also seemed to peek at Lazareth’s attention as he also wanted power like that. To have a reputation that nobody had and would ever have. A few weeks later and the baby was due, and when it came out healthy and strong the baby’s parents easily and quickly fall in love with their firstborn child, which they named Talia. 

After a couple of years, the family that lazareth and azaereth wanted, grew as the succubus produced more children in the world. In so she became known as the mother of hybrids. The family line that they would have needed a last name and since lazareth and azaereth were the first they didn’t have a name so they made their own. Merthrennath was the one that they picked and it became a powerful choice because, at the mention of the last name, other creatures had immediate reaction whether good or bad. 

As for Talia, life went well for her and she could ask for any other thing because of her reputation and ego but she found life boring because she started at the top and didn’t have a life to experience what the bottom was like. Even though it hurt her on her 21st birthday she ran to the nearest multiverse transporter and the next thing she knew she was in hellifyno, a place where no one knew her or even gave a damn. From that point, she decides to leave the past in the past.

Blakes mother’s name is Clara Sinclare. Clara was a doctor who worked in a lot of medical fields. She also got into studying ancient bodies and medications which only made her more talented and smarter as a person. Clara Sinclare was no ordinary woman; she was phoenix born in every life she learned something new. As a young girl, Clara was an eye-catcher as she was very beautiful and intelligent, it was only till her 7th birthday that Clara was more strong as her abilities had activated. Clara was born of a noble family with a long line of phoenix blood in her veins. Anyways Clara lost her life, the more she came back the more she lost her sanity and memories as she was diagnosed with cancer that was rare to phoenix.


Clara Sinclare is one of the wisest and insane people you will meet but once you get to a common language with her past the craziness you will find the old Clara. Clara is old now as cancer didn’t slow her aging down but it did let her have a quarter of immortality that kept her from death.

Eugene Sinclare is a historian and a scientist from time to time. He’s a very knowledgeable man and can answer almost any question you threw his way. Eugene is a half breed between a mage and a thunderbird. His power started the moment that he was born and they grew to be a force that couldn’t be reckoned with when he got older. As the love of his life lost her sanity along with her memory Eugene decides it would best to grow old with his wife to put him in semi immortality too. Over the year he raised his daughter to the best of his abilities and when he saw that he had completed his job he took his wife and ended their long life with a fine pose turning into a stone statue but their spirits lived on and blake visited when she needs advice from people she trusted.


He was very mature even in his teenage years but from time to time he was known for his comedy. He loved to share his knowledge with people who listened to and respected his opinions in thoughts. Also, he very respected by the people who were worthy of it.

Blakes parents meet my destiny and fate, there no exact story to it but when they were together it was something strong. Like any relationship, they had their ups and down but in the end, they always stayed together. They went through things and it only made their relationship stronger.

Blake wasn’t born in the present but born in the ancient times that her parents were to be found. Since she is a phoenix, thunderbird, and mage, her immortality and aging rate are through the roof. Her youth stop in time at a certain age. One thing that blake hates more than anything in the world is her birthday. She was never a big fan of the day, so on her birthday she just keeps to herself as she sees no point and having the whole world know that she was born on a certain day. When her parents stepped out of the light and decided to leave the world and become statues but guidance to blake; that’s when blake inherited her parent’s powers which grew them to full potential.

Blake was born on a planet called redemption, the planet is the most beautiful but the most dangerous planet. Lots of different creatures live there and not all of them get along. At a young age, blake had to learn how to take handle over her powers and grow up a little faster. This didn’t bother blake at all as she prefers to spend her childhood adventure, being alone, and wellness training improving herself. This made her better them some people but she knew that she still would have a lot to learn from people who were going to better than her.  To get deeper into the world that blake grew up in, blake grew up in a town called Wickhaven. Wickhaven was a very nice and beautiful place to see but like all towns, there were the bad parts but the one thing that was good about wickhaven was always trying to improve itself so that everyone had a chance at a normal and content life. This is what made Blakes hometown the best. About the time that blake was six, her mother was suffering badly from her illness so, Blakes’s father Eugene took it upon himself and moved out of wickhaven and to another planet called hellyifno. This is where blake would come to live the rest of her endless life out. 





My Appearance

Astra is not a very touchy-feely person but she is kind and a good listener. She is smart and always finds a way to figure things out and she is very skilled at the thing she does. She knows what she wants and knows how to get and she is a very straightforward person.



Talia doesn’t talk much at all, she keeps to herself as she lives her life the way she wants too. She is very good at being seductive, something that she got from her mother, and her fight skill are sharp, something she got from both sides.

Blake Sinclare is very very smart and can figure out things with a snap of a finger. She is known to get out of a lot of things with her intelligence. She is very powerful as you could probably tell but she doesn’t base her life on her powers. Ever since her parents died she has been very anti-social unless you catch her eye or you try and talk to her.



Immortality: As a Greater Demon, Asteria’s age stretches across Enos, she doesn’t age nor will she die of a natural cause or disease.  

Mind control: Asteria is able to bend mundanes to her will and can command from them their blind loyalty and love for her. She is powerful enough to do it another immortal but it only lasts for a period of time. 

Necromancy: Asteria is capable of conducting a ritual designed to revive the dead. The ritual itself is extremely dangerous, difficult, and takes a long time to be enacted fully.

Magic:  As a Greater Demon, Asteria is capable of harnessing and utilizing demonic magic for a variety of purposes. She and Asmodeus are two of the few Greater Demons powerful enough to corrupt the ley lines with demonic energy. She is also capable of extracting a portion of a person’s soul.

Shape-shifting: Asteria has a winged, demonic form. She is also able to take on the appearance of an ordinary human while on Earth that even experienced immortals can not see-through.

Super strength: Asteria is strong enough to punch through someone’s chest and even armor with one hand. (among many things that require strength)

Nigh-Omnipotence:  is a term referring to entities who within their retrospective verses, are nearly limitless in power. Beings of this level wield almost supreme power, but they have some form of limitation to their power and prevents them from gaining absolute power within their verse.

Angelic Possession: Asteria is required to use a willing vessel on Earth, like all angels. Because of the immensity of her power, she must use a vessel descended from Cain or Abel, or it will begin to decay and eventually spontaneously combust and even then the vessel needs to be strengthened by drinking a significant volume of demon blood. 

Biokinesis:  Asteria can manipulate the biological aspects of a person, which she normally uses to inflict harm on her victims, such as to break bones and damage organs. 

Chronokinesis: Asteria possesses the power to travel backward and forward in time as well as creating and controlling time itself.

Master hand to hand combat: Asteria is a very skillful fighter.

Healing: Asteria is able to heal physical injuries and restore people to optimal physical health.

Molecular combustion: Asteria can kill lesser beings by rendering them down to their molecules. She also can use this power to turn two demons to dust. Asteria is capable of combusting multiple angels at the same time, a feat unseen by any other demon so far.

Power distribution: Asteria is capable of distributing power from her own demonic energy to others. 

Power negation:  Asteria can prevent lesser supernatural creatures from using their powers against her. 

Precognition: Asteria can see and accurately predict the future, but she can not see the whole picture.



My Secrets Are...

Users with this ability either are or can transform into a Vampire, a being who subsists by feeding on the life essence of living creatures (often in the form of blood), regardless of whether the vampire is undead or a living person/being. While all vampires need some form of life-essence, the quality and quantity vary greatly: from daily to rarely, from needing lethal amounts to barely notable, from sentient blood freshly drained to rare steak.

Physically vampires are similar to their non-vampiric species, but exact changes their state causes vary greatly: more common effects include pale/white skin, glowing eyes (possibly changing to golden or red), prominent canines or generally predatory appearance, but some have no visible changes at all, while others barely pass for a humanoid.

Mentally vampires vary from perfectly normal persons with unusual dietary requirements to predatory, calculating beings, to hunger-driven blood-junkies.

Generally, vampires are physically imposing beings with excellent strength, speed, endurance, and agility, excellent senses, extended living-span nearing ageless and high-level resistance to damage. Other abilities include the ability to turn other beings into vampires (possibly involuntarily), mental abilities, transformation into animals or mist, etc. Note that vampires are able to learn Magic, so the variety of powers some have isn’t so much a result of them being vampires as their own studies.



  • Telepathic defense 

  • Telepathic cloak 

  • Physics shield 

  • Telepathic illusion

  • Telepathic camouflage 

Telepathic manipulations: 

  • Memory alteration 

  • Mind control 

  • Mind possession 

  • Personality alteration 

  • Metal paralysis 

  • Mind transfer 

Physic blast 

Astral projections 

Mental detection 

Force field 

Cosmic level telekinetic blast 

Telekinetic weapons 

Cosmic pyrokinesis 

Cosmic teleportation 


Life force control 


Sonic scream 

Weather manipulation 

Human disguise/shape shifting 


Luck bestowal 

Electrical immunity 

Thunderbird transformation



I Believe...

that even the darkest thing comes out of the light.