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Full Name: Morrigan Zineas


Name meaning: Phantom Queen


Pronunciation: [More-Ig-An Zen-ay-as]


Nickname(s): Morri, Kitten, Princess, Goddess


What they prefer to be called: It’s either Morrigan, or Goddess


Type of vampire (pureblood, ex-human, hybrid, etc.): Hybrid is a very loose term. But let’s leave it at that.


Age: Old enough


Age they look to be: 25


Gender: Female


Biological sex: Female


Hair: Blonde, usually worn in loose curls that brush the middle of her back


Eye colour: Green, blue, violet, sometimes amber or red


Typical pupil shape: rounded


Does the appearance of the pupil change?: No


Fang length: Long enough that it’s obvious she’s not human, but still short enough that it’s not obvious she’s a vampire of any kind


Are the fangs easy to see?: Only when she wants them to be


Skin tone: Pale


Favorite/typical outfits: She likes dresses and skirts. She’s into slightly more conservative clothing than her mother, but reds and rich greens are her favorite. She doesn’t often wear heels, simply because she’s tall enough without them. 


Height: 5’8


Body structure: Slim, but still healthy. Morrigan has an athletic build, but not to the point of looking like she lifts weights for a living. She has the build of a dancer over the build of a bodybuilder


Piercings: Tongue, nose, belly button, nipples



Do they hide that they’re a vampire?: Absolutely not


Relationship with mother: She despises her mother


Relationship with father: She just wants her father’s attention, and is willing to do any devious, horrid thing to get it.


Relationship with sibling(s): She doesn’t know any of her half-siblings, nor does she really want to know them. She found out, recently, about one of her half sisters, and is determined to kill her.


Do they prefer to socialize with humans or vampires?: Neither, really. She prefers the company of other immortals, though.


Opinion of other vampires: Well, there is probably one vampire she has an opinion on. The rest? Well, to her they don’t matter. But, she is respectful of Malakai, simply because it’s not like he’s horrible to her or her mother.


Opinion of humans: Humans are frail, weak things that she honestly only views as food.


Mental illness(es): She does have her “Daddy issues” and really just wants her father to notice her. She’s also insane. Driven that way due to the Eldritch blood within her veins. This was also what drove her to accept the infection of the Void and start striving to become a deity.


Sexuality: Straight:


Romantic orientation: She likes men. Well, there is that one, but that’s no one’s business. Not yet, at least. 


How do they view themselves?: She feels as if she’s the superior one, that she’s not really evil, she just does bad things.


There’s not much to say. I mean, I was born on Hellifyno, my mom’s a whore, and my dad…. Well, I don’t know what he is. And, no, I’m not being mean. My mom is a literal whore. Who would have thought a vampire could have a kid? 


But, here’s the thing. Everyone seems so scared of this fox? Well, just wait till they see me. This poor, defenseless place has no idea what’s really in store for them, I’m afraid. 


Marcel et Rebekah

Oh, but then I met Keon. Beautiful, mysterious, powerful. And the only one who could make me feel something. When I’m with him, the Blood Dust is forgotten, the murderous urges are gone, and all I can focus on is him. It’s a nice change of pace, really, the man who can make even the worst of sociopaths feel emotion. Genuine emotion that looks as if it’s meant to be on my face.


Image result for rebekah mikaelson and marcel


But, he’s left me. I can no longer feel him. He’s not dead, I would know that. But he’s not on this planet any longer. For many, there would be some sort of emotion about it. But for me? Well, it’s a good thing that I cannot feel anything.


So, I waited. Or, well, I tried to. But the feeling of losing Keon was more than I was willing to bear at the time. I wasn’t sappy, wasn’t meant to be. But there had been something about the sudden severance of that bond that shook me more than I cared to admit. It was shortly after that I met Dimos, the man who I would soon come to love.


He was a homunculus. A being that quickly inspired genuine emotion in me. I loved it. I loved the feeling so much, I allowed myself to bear his child. A daughter. Sweet little Velana. That’s not to say that my aspirations stopped with motherhood. No. I would become a god. One way or another. It’s why I fought against Ruby, why I found out just how much of her power I could handle. And, with her help, I became that same god I was destined to be.


Torture. That was my domain, my one greater love than even Dimos. And it was because of that, that I didn’t choose to change my appearance. I wanted to remain beautiful, alluring, draw in my victims and give them just a little hope before I ripped it away. And this was all I’d needed, honestly. Or, so I thought. But, perhaps it’s fate that all gods have the one thing that makes them fall sooner or later.


It didn’t take long for word of my new ascension to reach the ears of the one man I couldn’t stand. Amadore Giovanni. I’d been respectful, left him alone, all because of my adopted mother, Karen. But when he came to me, demanding that I help him since he was alive again. As the benevolent goddess that I am, I agreed. Little did I know that would mean he was going to rip out my throat, decapitate me, and toss me into the Void.


Oh, but guess who’s back now, boys and girls? That’s right. It’s me.





-Skin ‘flakes’: can be used as drug that, when breathed in, cause intense sense of dread, paranoia and sense of impending doom.

-Skin ‘flakes’: can be used as sort of a one time advanced protection as shield that grows on the body or inside the body [such as in the event of a pregnancy].

-Supernatural physique – Strength, Senses, Agility, anything physical

-Pleasure Venom

-Ability to rend and warp reality

-Ability to control the darkness or shadows

-Ability to portal or warp into places not protected by magical means

-Ability to infect or turn others with the vampire strain from her mother and Kai, her grandsire.

-Enhanced Intelligence

-Environmental Control – Limited to areas that have an abundance of shadows and/or fire.

-Flesh Crafting

-A realm of her own – Torture realm similar to Kel-ah’s but not quite as significant. She creates and is a goddess there.

-Shape Shifting

-Control substances – Drugs, alcohol, anything not meant to be in the body including but not limited to metals.

-Blood magic

-Fire Magic

-Supernatural healing

-Supernatural durability – Only true holy energy can damage

-Aura manipulation: The ability to manipulate aura, the subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds a person or object. Variation of Energy Manipulation and Life-Force Manipulation. Spiritual counterpart of Chi Manipulation.


-Acid Blood: The power to have blood with acidic properties. Combination of Acid Generation and Blood Generation. Variation of Acidic Bodily Fluids and Blood Property Manipulation.


-Adaptation manipulation: The user can create, induce, remove and manipulate adaptations, allowing them to change how well something adapts to an environment or situation or how it adapts to something overall.




-Reincarnation: The power to pass one’s spirit/soul into another body after death. Not to be confused with Resurrection as the user possesses a new body.


-Possession: The power to inhabit the body of a living being. Sub-power of Meta-Possession. Opposite to Exorcism.


-Amorphous manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate amorphous solids, solids that lacks the long-range order that is characteristic of a crystal. Amorphous solids may come in the form of glass, plastics and gels, and some metals.


-Chaos manipulation: The power to manipulate the chaotic forces of the universe. Opposite to Order Manipulation.


-Nether manipulation: The power to generate, conjure, and manipulate Nether, the essence that flows through the realms of the Living and the Dead. The source of powers such as Death-Force Manipulation, Dark Arts, Necromancy, and Mediumship. Not to be confused with Dark Energy Manipulation. Opposite to Aether Manipulation.


Psychic Torture: The ability to torture target mentally/spiritually. Sub-power of Telepathy. The user can torture target mentally, spiritually and psychologically.


Pain Inducement: The ability to inflict agonizing pain by varying means. Sub-power of Pain Manipulation. Variation of Mental Inducement. Morrigan is able to cause varying levels of pain, including physical, mental and/or emotional, to their targets using supernatural means.

Torment Inducement: The power to inflict torment and suffering upon others. Sub-power of Emotion Manipulation and Tormentor. Opposite to Party Inducement. The user can induce torture on target with illusions and thoughts from past, present and future. It may be induced to all degrees of intensity, from mild to unbearable to full-on physical suffering. This power is mostly used with illusions. The scale of this power can vary from a single person to a population, the time can also vary from few minutes to eternity.

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