Pandora and (Family)

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(Due Note This is My Version of a Other Account)

-Bastet Singetail

-Raven Singetail

-Damien Angelang

-River Singetail

-Beth Everston

-Rosalina Singetail

-Pandora Singetail

Who Am I...

The Singetail Bloodline

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Pandora’s Story I was born as a dragon half neko to a respectful business man who is my Father and my Mother is a kind and gentle woman who raised me to inherit powers of a goddess…but that never happened cause my mother had lied to me for years when I turned 18 and was raising an 8 year old girl who I call Abigail Kathy. Angelang,I met my older sister/mate who inherited the powers I was promised.I protect my Children wether there old or young with my Wife beside me.

My Appearance

Pandora’s Looks

black skin & scales dark as amestyst,no fur except the ears which switch when i change forms, dragon form is this way neko form is the reverse


-First Aid Kit

-My Personal Book Of Spells

My Secrets Are...

My Daughter:Abby is inheriting My Mate’s Goddess Powers

I married my older sister

I Believe...

There is a Spark of Light who all of us on this Planet Of Misery