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Families are never a walk in the park, but when your father is an actual, literally demonic titan. Well, that’s a whole different story. And Gwyneth would know. She has firsthand experiences for those kinds of things.

Born Gwyneth Ash to a Salem witch mother and a demonic titan father, Gwyneth’s entire life has been a balancing act between the light and the darkness. Unwilling to go fully dark, she has trained tirelessly to control and master her emotions, study the mystical arts, and become somewhat of a heroic figure despite the destiny that the darkness in her bloodline intended. But the darkness that follows Gwyneth is not so easily abated, and the persistent threat of her father constantly looms over her and whatever friends she has to protect her and help her keep the darkness at bay. 

Reserved, distant, cold, secretive, Gwyneth’s never quite sure how close to let anyone get or how much she can trust herself to maintain control. For those who get close? They will have a powerful and loyal friend in their corner for life… and sometimes beyond.


As one of the original Salem witches, Gwyneth’s mother Silas Ash was convinced to help complete a very dangerous ritual with some rebel witches of the coven. Silas, although an original Salem witch, was somewhat of a rebel herself she was in secret for the motherland killed rebel witches who disobey orders in the coven. Under the full moon, the summoning ritual began, and to the rebel, witches surprise the person they were trying to summon came through but in a human form which the witch wouldn’t recognize who they had really summoned.

Disappointed that the summoning didn’t really work, even though it did, the witches retreated leaving Silas to clean up the mess. Time passed and the ritual was forgotten but the man who was summoned was not. The man became known as Leonx but in truth, he was the man that the witches were trying to summon. He was Malaric the demonic titan. During his time in the motherland, he seduced and married Silas in which a child would be formed in the womb of Silas. A child who would go by the name Gwyneth.

After finding out that she was pregnant with Leonx’s child a horrifying truth was revealed as Malaric came out of hiding. Horrified Silas used the arcane teachings she’d learned to trap Malaric in a maze of dimensions trying to find his way back to the motherlands realm. With more time Gwyneth was born. In the motherlands, Gwyneth was taken under the wing of another powerful original Salem witch named Sirena who taught her to control her emotions in order to curb the energy in her bloodline. Sirena’s theory was that any strong emotion, positive or negative, could potentially weaken Gwyneth’s defenses and make her susceptible to her father’s influence.


But her father wasn’t so easily deceived. His looming darkness would eventually force Gwyneth to leave her comfort zone, her home, and make the darkness that tried to pull her under stop. In doing this Gwyneth would make a ritual that would summon her father so that she might kill him but it didn’t and would never work out like that. Upon his summoning darkness and destruction came. The motherlands and everyone Gwyneth loved was gone and all Gwyneth could do was run, hoping that someday she would avenge everyone that she loved and cared for. Upon leaving her home, she traveled across realms and planets arriving at her final destination, Hellifyno.

My Story Is...

*Warning the following content is Mature. for better enjoyment I strongly recommend the music above this dark story.*

The night sky is something beautiful, isn’t it? the stars, and the moon that light up the endless darkness. It’s funny because isn’t that what some of us want to do? aren’t hero born to light up the darkness? well, that depends on what side you’re on, some of you may say, and yet we all don’t know what side is the right one. Maybe the light is something that is used to cover up the darkness. The cold truth, the bitter, the ugliest. Maybe the darkness is something that we all want to hide because we all know that even the lightest of heroes can be dark. I should know because my whole life has been about balancing the light and the dark but at every turn I find myself slipping into the darkness. a place that I could be lost in forever, forced to bend to my father will. so I ask you… hero… Will you help me find my way?

I was born into evil, my bloodline corrupted and tainted from the moment that I arrived in this world. why? it was because of him. everything was because of him… my father… the demonic titan Malaric. My mother was an original Salem witch, a powerful one at that but still with all the power she held… my father still had her around his finger and she didn’t even know it until it was too late.

if any mistake could have been made by my mother, her biggest mistake was having me but even with her trials of trying to kill me as an unborn, all she would come up with was a failure. time and time again, she failed and so there was nothing she could do to stop me from coming or the inevitable future that came with me. Knowing this and still not giving up my mother sent my father into a dimensional maze in which would take time for him to get out and hopefully by that time, the motherland would have a plan on defeating him, get rid of the chaotic darkness that even the motherland wasn’t ready for.

during the time that my father was away. I was born and immediately concealed away from witches of the Salem coven. My mother, being an original witch, gave up her position in the coven just so she could be there to raise and care for me. My mother went from a leader to and outcast quick, this was another one of her mistakes. I grew up in isolation because of my father and sadly my mother. with me being in isolation and herself being an outcast, my mother did everything in her power to protect me and block me from anything that had my father written all over it.

to do this my mother sent me away to a different part of the motherland. there I would learn, and study my power under a great mentor named Sirena. with a little bit of time, I learned that what triggered the darkness inside me was my emotions and if they were strong it would affect how much of a will my father had on me. so I did what I need to do, I became emotionally detached. love, happiness, anger, sadness, grief, all gone just like that. to me, it felt, dehumanizing. of course, I’m anything but human, but every creature at some point got to feel something without having to be afraid of what might come of their extreme emotion.

from this whole nightmarish hellish experience, I grew up. I realized that the world won’t wait for a child who’s father was a force of chaotic darkness. with all of this I tried to push it down, be mature, close it off, etc, but with this kind of stuff, it only makes the torment worse. I remember a time when I woke up in the middle of the night only to find my body covered with blood but it wasn’t blood of my own. when I looked around I realized where I was and what I had done. my stomach turned a little as all around me where dead young witches, among the pile of bodies, was my mentor. I… I… killed my mentor and all I could do was look at her body from a distance physically and emotionally. the feelings that I felt had to stay beneath me because if they were to raise and consume me, my father would surely finish the work that I had accidentally just started and he would win.

if you think that bad then you haven’t heard the worst. my mother… all I can say to her if she was here… is… I’m sorry. getting straight to the point. I murdered my mother when my emotion of guilt and pain got too strong. I just snapped. I remember taking her by the throat and holding her up. I remember the blood that poured from her eyes and mouth, my hand squeezing harder and harder until veins slowly started to pop within her body. I killed my mother slowly and while I did, I laughed. you see I can tell you this is all my father’s fault, I can tell you that my father ruined my life and everything good that I could have had but its no use. I’m a murder and every bone in my body can’t seem to find any regrets.

after my mother was killed, the coven seemed to be on alert for me and my father but they were too late. After killing my mother, I had to end things. so I made a mistake and summoned my father. summoning him was the worst thing, other than killing my mother. I can remember seeing darkness swirling above and around the motherland. my father raising from the ground with hellfire bursting around him. I remember coming face to face with…. death. some part of me wanted to embrace the cold feelings that death gave off but another part of me wanted to get away and get help, to find light in all my darkness. I’m not an evil person, I’m just very unstable and I wish I could tell you that I can be tamed but In reality, that’s a lie. the darkness that grows inside of me with each breath is wild, tainted, cruel, and most of all chaotic. with everything that has happened I knew that if I let my father win then I would never be free from him and his darkness so I fled while he destroyed everything and then… once he was done…

darkness… chaos… trapped… lost. I’m lost. I’m lost. I’m trapped and so are you…