_stalker_creature: seed-code: active.

Essie is very good at learning – it’s his perk.

He knows English, Deites, Drained Tongue, Tuelk, Geagulan, Inglosh, Maphuahe, Morph Language, Celestial and Espelel.

Enjoys runes and runecircles, is an owner of the potion-shop Nest’s.

May use magic, yet he isn’t yet used to it.

Essie can run twice faster than a normal man: it’s something Stalker Creature left as a gift for him, maybe.

Knows how to use many weapons, both firearms and blades, but would prefer not to use this knowledge.

Shy, smart.

“Do no harm, but take no shit” – he tries to follow that rule but still wants to help everyone in sight.


Who Am I...

Essie Nest, father, potionbrewer. (Other characters: Bobbert the Blankling, Watfaltea Redwoo the Deninoc, Jazz Yasashi Nest and Flint Meijin Nest, Gracia Marie Nest, Grood the Tarra-Kami Orc, Rivilit the Once Awara Human, Ranoe Versilia Dreitresdottir Brandaborn the Dragonithi, Therminath "Arnie" Ores, Lucius Eurun Zlatarson Emberborn the Dragonithi, Elessie the Essie's Lifespan's Cancer, Antben Hannar the Neverborn, Tetsu Tsuoi The Steel Midas.)

Romantic Interests

Prefering girls.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born: 23.05.2020
Mother figure: Pacific Bull

Was possessed by Stalker Creature untill 31.05.2020

Was deceased by Lifespan Cancer (LSC) at 07.06.2020, and was forced to change bodies to get rid of it.

Married to Shinji Abel Neechan.

Has five hildren:

Seikatsu Antares Nest (firstborn boy), twins Flint and Jazz (boy and girl), Onaji Ichichan (girl) and Gracie Marie (lastborn girl)


My Appearance


A young man with short, wavy brownish-orange hair and forest green eyes. 178cm (5,8) high. Lean built, not clearly athletic but still rough.

Female form isn’t such different, but a little bit shorter in height and the hair becomes a little longer.


A jock around 27 years old, tan skin, pure white hair and yellow eyes. Tall 186cm (6’1ft), athletic from the head to the toes. Can turn into a neko form with white ears and tail. Also are available the snow leopard forms and a pure white domestic cat.


A mailman bag.
Some cash.
Healing potion flasks (x3 at most time)
A diary complected with a pen and a pencil.

A small runebook with many runecircles for different uses.

Magical chalk.

A dagger with Stealth Enhancement.

A wedding ring on the left middle finger.