Jasupa novu~asuta

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– Jasupa was born under the fighters sign. This means he has a great deal of strength and speed. His natural instincts are to start fights.

– His attitude is very different than most peoples. He is very stubborn but not to the point of being stupid.

Who Am I...

Jasup? Novu~Asut? lets go back to learning Japanese in school my friends.

Romantic Interests

Opposite gender

Relationship Status

With Alyssa Hageshi

My Story Is...

I was abused when I was smaller but now I am fifteen. My father beat my mother if she wouldn’t do the thing he wanted her to do. My mother was a nice and sweet-hearted woman. Living with myself now I travel around and walk the woods eternally. Surly I have a stronger purpose in life. I guess some were born to endless night and others to sweet delight. I met Alyssa a small time ago and we both love each other. Truthfully I am running away from my past. I´m nothing like my father and I bet my mother is heartbroken.

My Appearance

* I am about 5¨9 with a dark red colored hair. My eyes are a forest green that will turn to blue at night. Jasupa looks scrawny but for how scrawny he looks he is actually strong. He wears a old red medevil shirt with a symbol of Tyr on it. On his neck, he rests a necklace in the shape of a hammer.


A carving knife and small wood tabs to carve with. A small dagger that emits a small amount of dark matter-energy.

My Secrets Are...

I love Alyssa so very much. I have some sort of powers I don´t fully know I have. Jasupa was born for so much more than just being a weak-minded teenager. He was born under a birth sign that was meant for fighters. Jasupa doesn’t know this but he was not born under a normal family. His real parents are unknown so he could be anything.

I Believe...

Love is a great thing but can be lost easily.

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