Mr. Classic

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My Story Is...

Mr. Classic. A friendly, caring guy who is not exactly what he seems. He’s an android, a war relic and veteran from The Old Wars, a 75 year long conflict that took too many tolls. He contains an experimental self-repair system which has never stopped working and most likely never will, keeping him active and giving him a young appearance. He does suffer from a type of PTSD situation if he gets too worked up during a fight.

My Appearance

Height: 6’3″

Eye color: Blueish-Green

Age: 347 years old(but looks 25)

Clothes: White dress shirt under and black trench coat, wears gray finger less gloves, has black pants, and wears heavy duty work boots

Has American Accent


Hands are energy canons which can either fire blue energy beams or act as a flame thrower

Various medical equipment, which the self-repair system replenishes over time(Ranges from baby formula to adrenaline to gauze bandages to any blood type)

Heavy duty work boots can change around to act as high powered thrusters for flying

My Secrets Are...