Anna Marie

Who Am I...

Rogue, Cursed, Mutant

Romantic Interests

Cody Robbins (Coma), Remy LeBeau

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My parents died at an early age, so my aunt took take of me. I found out when I was a teenager that I had a curse. My first kiss sent my first love Cody into a coma, that he would never wake from.

Soon after I ran away from home. Plagued by the memories Cody had and that I absorbed. On my journey I was met by a blue skinned woman named Mystique. I found what I thought was a home with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

My distrust of people would happen here

My Appearance

Green eyes
Brown hair with white in the front
Curvy, 140 lbs
Never without a pair of gloves


Not important

I Believe...

In being sceptical of people