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Oni are a kind of yokai, supernatural ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red.

Oni are Japanese monsters known for being invincible, causing disease and disaster and is associated with bad luck, misfortune and consuming human flesh. Oni are also enemies with the obake, a more benevolent race of Japanese monsters.

Clairvoyance – An oni is capable of observing everything around them for a great distance in their mind by focusing on it. The range of this ability is increased when they open their third eye.Super strength – Oni are immensely strong, able to fling grown men around with ease. One crushed the throat of a woman completely by accident while holding her by the neck.

Who Am I...

An Oni, a demon of Yokai origin

Romantic Interests

Those who embrace death

My Story Is...

Being a criminal is glamorous I suppose, I got all the attention I ever needed, blood, bullets and a couple painkillers was the great start to robbing a bank, such were times back in 1988. Though they said the sins of a man so steeped in blood would drive him into a demon, can’t believe that shit was true now I’m some ugly motherfucker, hmph.. atleast immortality does it’s tricks.

My Appearance

A red and white mask concealed the Oni’s face depicting a demon of sorts, red horns extending from the forehead of the being, having cut through the mask,¬†wears massive wooden plates protecting his torso and arms. An obi sash around his waist holds the garments together.


Talon like claws – They have claws that can rip open a human’s throat, instantly killing them. These claws are also capable of ripping people apart with ease.

I Believe...

Ascension is the only key.