Ibilis Behemoth

My Story Is...

Ibilis was born powerful… Or well, born isn’t exactly the correct word. He was created as the ‘Great Evil’ of his realm, as the Devil, holding half of the realms power. On the otherside, there was the ‘Great Good’, or the God of the realm, who held the other half of the realms power. Of course, with their natural alignment, they would always battle, and even start a war soon after their creation. God made her angels, while Ibilis made his demons. The war went on for many, many millenniums… Ofcourse, there were many casualties, and Ibilis didn’t think of his subordinates as just soldiers, he though of many of them as friends… So with time, he started hating the realm more and more.  As the war was slowly ending, with almost no more demons nor angels, the two great powers battled eachother… With Ibilis being the victor. By defeating God, he also took her power, though it seems that a bit of it went off on it’s own. This made Ibilis near omnipotent, save for the little power he did not get to absorbe. But the realm was now empty, he was the last being in it’s existance. Just the look of it made him angry. So he caused every sun in the realm to explode… Now the realm was really empty, except for the few newly born suns. And now this was all that Ibilis had left.

My Appearance

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