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Nathaniel Davison, multiverse traveling goody two shoes…

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Nathaniel Davison

Caucasian male Monkey-Leo, the “Practical Strategist” of the astrologies. Born in a universe where Earth developed not only energy weapons, but the technology to travel the omniverse/multiverse. Basically they can go anywhere and anytime whenever they want. Nathaniel travels the omniverse/multiverse seeking trouble and problems to stop and resolve. Why? He’s gotten bored of his world, it’s too safe for his liking. That and there are worlds that need a helping hand, and so he heads out into these universes to try and make them better. Depending on where he’s going he has as low tech as copper weaponry and as advanced tech as limitless energy weapons. The one thing he does always have on him is his personal device which is quantum entangled with his portal control system. This is how he opens a doorway back to his home. His personal device is locked to his DNA and such, so if anyone tries to pick it up it sends a severe neural shock that incapacitates them for some time. This prevents anyone but himself from using his device. Sometimes… He kills them, depending on who they are. But either way he won’t trust them after this happens. If he was helping that individual, his support/help ceases. As for any personal goals? That’s his secret… That he’ll likely never divulge. Favorite weaponry? Fencing weapons. Favorite transportation? His horse Catherine and his AI… He likes being able to communicate with his mount, both Ali and his horse Catherine. Plus when he can take Ali with him she can provide armed support. The AI can move from one body to another, depending on how advanced the world is. His horse Catherine (Cudos to anyone who can call that reference.) who he takes to much less advanced worlds. He does have a psychic link to his steed, giving him an edge in those worlds. Basically he can telepathically communicate with Catherine. And Catherine does respect and like her Human master. She’s also quite knowledgeable on combat, giving him her insight in these situations. He never uses a bit, in fact he doesn’t really need anything to maneuver her, but he uses reigns to help him balance himself. Essentially Catherine would call herself a war horse, as she has nerves of steel… And does kick enemies any chance she gets.


This is an introduction of sorts to the character and how he acquires what he needs such as “coordinates” and such to get to other universes, and how he has the equipment that fits those settings.


Nathaniel enters an office, setting his report on the desk. “Alright. Everything I can think of is in that file. I placed everything in order. I went ahead and left my own report for last. I don’t want anyone trying to claim favortism or anything. So… Is there anything you need to ask me?” Marie takes the folder and opens it up, beginning to read it. “Yes, but I won’t. But I do want to ask… Are you wanting to help any of these worlds? Speak honestly, there’s no cameras or microphones in anything these days aside from film production… So, do you want to go to any worlds and try to make things better?” She looks directly at him, “I know you’ve finished your own gateway in the old garage… So tell me, do you want to do some good with it?” His answer is straight to the point, “Yes. That’s why I made it… The downside is I’d be limited to the universes I’ve been to.” Marie grins, “Good. I’ll pull up all of the ones that could use someone like you. And I won’t mention your portal to anyone. But keep it secret. I don’t want the people in charge of our own world to throw us in prison.” He nods, “Whatever you can get me, I’ll take. The more details I have, the better I can avoid giving myself away in the worlds I travel to.” She nods, “Plus we don’t want them acquiring our tech if they’re severely less developed… Alright. Go on, head home, I’ll give you what you need once your portal is safely operational AND I have the gear for you.” He nods to his sister, then turns around and heads out the door. Once he gets home, he begins finishing his gateway.


And there you go. Yes, his sister works as one of the office stuffies so to speak that files all the reports and files. She gets him gateway codes for universes that could use a good person wanting to do some good.


As Nathaniel sweeps the broken up concrete from where he placed the gateway portal, Ali walks in and stares at him, once he notices her he just freezes. She looks over the portal, then to her master. “So, I take it you finished it?” He picks up a remote, yet she continues. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to rat you out. We AI have free will, plus your modifications. If I rat you out, you’ll go to prison and I’ll be memory wiped and eventually given to someone else. I’d rather stick with you.” Nathaniel sets down the device, “Thanks Ali. This is something I need to do.” She nods, “I agree. They turn a blind eye to all the wrong in those other universes… So, any opportunity I have I’m going with you. And when I can’t, I can send you things.” She looks to him and nods. He grins, “And when you can’t bring that body, you can come as a vehicle. Though I’ll need your help installing the hardware in the cars.” She shakes her head, “Of course you will, as you’re impatient.” He nods. She then adds, “When I go with you, you’ll need to get your sister to send supplies we need. Unless you want to buy another AI.” He sighs, “Do you think I could tolerate two of you? I got away with your core programming modifications that allows you to NOT rat me out. I don’t think I’ll get away with another…” She nods. He grabs the quantum entangled portal control and enters the code from his last assignment. Sure enough, it opens up. Ali walks through, then back. “Seems to be working. Now, onto the vehicles.” 


There we go, a little character defining for you peeps. Hopefully this little addition helps define my character further and helps you understand him and his background and supports. He’s got a horse, a few cars, an AI, etc. I don’t think I need another post like this, I think he’s all fleshed out and easy to understand.


Inside a rather compact mecha, Nathaniel is pressing buttons and flipping switches. Wearing a stolen pilot suit, he keys in the startup sequence. The mecha activates and he moves forward. He pulls up his device and sends a message to Ali. The message reads: “I should be coming through soon. Make sure the garage is clear, I’m bringing me a nice new toy home. Also I don’t want to wreck you as I come in… Or wreck anything… Just make sure it’s clear, alright?” His device pings back, “What are you bringing?” His response, “A mecha! Couldn’t pass it up. It’s a prototype… That hasn’t been tested…” “You’re insane, that thing could shut down, short circuit, self destruct or anything else for that matter!” He shakes his head, crashing through the hanger. After doing so, he launches the mecha upward with its thrusters and verniers. Once airborne he heads for the nearby jungle, hoping to set down and lose them in it. The base behind him blared with alarms, choppers soon launching to pursue him. But within moments he drops down into the jungle, moving forward by land. He checks the mech’s radar and it picks nothing up. He keys into his device and goes flat as he goes through it to fit. Once back in his garage he keys for the portal to close. After such he slowly has the mecha crawl out of the garage, then he keys it to stand up, then shut down and open its hatch. As it comes open, Ali comes up and stares at him, “A prototype?! I thought you were going to help them!” He hops down, then pulls off the helmet. “I did. The pilot assigned to this mech, the guy who’s suit I AM WEARING?! He’s nuts. He was going to go crazy and kill a bunch of people with it in the test run… I don’t know the details… But he’s tied up in that jungle, just enough to leave him down long enough for me to steal it and get back here. Now they’ll find him, arrest him, and so on.” He looks at Ali, spinning the helm in his hands. She shakes her head, looking at him sternly. “Fine. Then it worked out… What about the overall growing conflict?” Nathaniel stops spinning the helmet and pauses… “I got caught up in things and forgot… I’ll get to it tomorrow. I need to relax.” He starts heading to his house. Ali simulates a sigh, looking at the mech. “Well, at least I got a new tool.”


Nathaniel heads into his room after a shower, falling down onto his bed with a grown. He soon wraps up in his plush, soft blanket as his room is cool. His head falls onto his pillow, and after he turns on some music he starts falling asleep. A night passes, a night without dreams… And he wakes up, smelling cheesy scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast lathered in real butter. He gets up, pulls on his pants and a shirt and heads out of his room. “Mmm… Breakfast…” Ali is in his kitchen, making said breakfast, “Catherine’s been taken care of. She’s out in the feel right now, getting some exercise and such, I left her feed out there for her with water. I think she’ll be wanting some time with you, she was looking toward the house earlier. Go see your horse! She’s worried about you!” Ali gets all the food onto a plate and sets it on the table, next to a large thermos of his coffee. “Right. Got it. Horse worrying about her Human. I know… I’ll take her for a walk after I get down eating. Maybe play some fetch.” He starts eating. Ali sits down across from him. “You do that, maybe I’ll join you. I’m curious to see if she’ll respond to me…” Nathaniel nods, “You give her food, and treats when you wash her… And groom her. You take care of her when I’m gone… Which is why I haven’t taken you anywhere yet.” Ali shakes her head at him, pausing before her response, “I think you do need another AI. And to modify them. That way I can go with you and make sure you finish your goal.” He cocks his head at her, then an idea hits his mind, “We could make one! You can have a daughter! Or son! Your choice. That way we don’t have to buy one. Then we just need to make them a body. Or buy ‘a backup body’ for you… And install them into it. It-” Ali simulates a sigh, “Alright! I get it! Fine! I’ll start trying to write an AI program. But you need to make sure no one catches on.” He shrugs, “Nah. This world’s ran by a bunch of morons. Selfish, self entitled morons… And ‘program?’ Don’t you-” She eyes him sternly, “I’ll write a personality! …Stop testing me. You keep that up and they’ll be throwing Catherine’s dung at you every chance they get. And I myself will laugh.” He nods, “Until Catherine bucks them and trashes them… Then who will be laughing?” He grins at her as he chews his food. She shakes her head, then gets to her feet. “I’m heading to your computer in the garage to start writing that AI’s core programming. I need to get away from you trying to drive me nuts. Finish your breakfast and wash the dishes, payback for bugging the crap out of me.” She says as she heads out. He nods as he eats. After he finishes eating, he washes the dishes, then pulls his boots on and ties them up quick. He heads out, heading over to his horse. He climbs over the fence, then walks up to her. He rubs her ears gently, “Okay… Sorry about worrying you.” He then pulls out a knotted rope. “You want to play some fetch? Huh? Think you can catch it before it hits the ground? Because you’ve told me you could the last time. So I want to see that.” She turns around, looking back at him as he takes his hand back. He pauses, eyeing her. Then quickly chucks the rope. She darts off, quickly snatching the knotted rope in the air before slowing down. Catherine gleefully trots back to him, seeming proud of herself. “Alright! Good!” Nathaniel continues playing, walking and talking with Catherine. After a while Ali comes in and joins them. She asks if Catherine would mind letting her ride for a bit, and Nathaniel relays her answer, “Yeah. Just don’t go taking spurs to her. And make sure the saddle is on right… And don’t get bossy or snippy. Follow those rules and she’ll oblige.” He takes Catherine to saddle her and put on the rein pieces. Bringing her back. “I assume you can mount her on your own?” Ali grabs hold if the saddle and pulls herself up with ease. She looks down at Nathaniel, grabbing the reigns. “I’m an AI with a very maneuverable frame. Of course I can climb up on my own.” She pats Catherine, “Alright, if you don’t mind, shall we?” The horse starts walking. Nathaniel smiles, “She appreciates that communication over the typical nudging with your heals. Just tell her what you’d like to do, which way to head and so on and you’ll do fine. Meanwhile… I’m going to order that ‘backup’ body.” He says before head back to his house, he grabs the phone and dials up the company that made Ali’s body. “Yeah, I was hoping to get a backup replacement body for my AI companion… Well, you never know when something, anything could happen… Yeah, I’d rather have her operational again as soon as possible, she helps keep my home in order… Right, thank you.” And he hangs up, giving off a sigh. He looks out his window, watching as the artificial life form rides the very natural horse around with ease. He smiles, proud of his friend and himself for granting her the chance to enjoy riding his horse. “Artificial my rear. That’s about as real as it gets. She may be a digital construct, but she’s still pretty much human.” He heads out, heading to his old garage and looking over his new gear. The turns back to his new mech. “Mecha! My new toy! Time to give you a new paint job though…” And thus, he proceeds to first remove the current paint and markings, then begins paining it brown and green. Once finished, he looks up at this mecha, his mecha… That is technically stolen from another world and smiles.


(Just figured it would be fun to post this. A little bit of playing around with my character, his AI friend, his horse and my own personal love of mecha! Muahahaha! Oh, and I forgot…)


Nathaniel walks into his garage, then looks back at the mecha… “Damn… It would have fit. Well I feel like a dipshit.” He looks over his gear, double checking everything. “I still have NO idea how I’m going to end this thing…” Ali leans in and quietly whispers, “It’s a ruse, there’s a group falsifying and framing to start the conflict…” She then resumes a normal stance, “Just find the evidence and get it to the people that can end it.” He shrugs, then heads through the portal gateway. After he heads through, Ali turns to the other bot body, looking at a screen next to it to check the installation of the personality and programming. The system starts up, the body moves a bit and she looks at her hands. As she tests her joints, she remains silent. Then she looks at Ali, who then speaks to her, “Well, you’re awake. I’d assume you’re curious and have some questions.” The new AI pauses, then responds, “Yes… I know what I am, who I essentially am meant to serve, but… Not who I am as an individual.” Ali nods, responding, “That’s alright. That will come with time. We made you so we could have one of us, you or me accompany our master when he goes to a world where we can get away with helping him without giving him away. You know what he’s doing now, you know why… I expect you not to screw us both over. Alright?” The new AI replies, “Of course. But may I ask a question?” Ali nods to her, and she continues, “What is my designation? My name?” Ali looks her in the eyes, “You can choose whatever name you wish. I’d say do so before Nathaniel comes back, or he may come up with something stupid.” The new AI laughs at this joke, giving a nod. She pauses for a bit, as if looking over an internal encyclopedia of names, “Amy. Simple, to the point. Though he named you Ali because he considers you an artificial learning intelligence. As smart as he is, he doesn’t have much of a nack for good names, does he?” Ali laughs at this, “No, not really. He can be lazy and impatient at times… Which is why he needs us. Okay?” Amy nods to her, standing up. “Yes, otherwise he’ll just end up in trouble. Anyway, I suppose we should get his gear ready for when he undoubtedly contacts us to send him supplies.” Ali nods, then the two start prepping bags of gear.

(Yeah… There. That’s him. Don’t like it? Too bad…)

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(In-character I/he will typically hide that he’s a multiverse traveler. Technically by his own world’s laws he’s basically breaking said laws by going to other universes to try and do some good.)

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"In trying to help other worlds…"