Nagato Antenor

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Who Am I...

A Ruix

Romantic Interests

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My Story Is...

Nagato Antenor is the youngest child of the Antenor¬† family. Something you should know about this family is that they are from a very old and powerful race of immortal mages. Their race is known as the Ruixs. You can not kill a Ruix but you can force a Ruix to fall into a deep slumber if they take to much damage. Nagato can use all of the elemental magic but his favorite elements are ice wind-water lightning and fire. His other favorite types of magic are gravity illusions summonings and seals.¬† One way to annoy him the fastest is by mistaking him for a girl. But to be honest it is very easy to do. Nagato has been known to be very lazy at times and like his oldest brother he will fall asleep at random times. Now Nagato has five older brothers and three older sisters. His brother’s names are Stark Aomine Raizen Gin and Cifer. While his sisters names are Lucy Akia and Yumi.

My Appearance

Light Purple eyes, Pale skin, Three pink diamonds markings on the right side of his forehead in a line, Slighty long black hair, Five foot six,

A black tank top, A loose-fitting white long-sleeved shirt that has cuts on both sleeves at the top of the shirt it says Keep your mind on the insane in black lettering under that it has a large black skull with a pink ribbon. Tight light blue jeans, white socks and black Nikes with pink strings, A black snake wrapped around a silver cross necklace



My Secrets Are...

Like I would tell you my secrets

I Believe...

That I want to learn every type of magic