Who Am I...

Naito Doragon. A vampire/dragon hybrid with shapeshifting and mage abilities.

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My Story Is...

When Naito was a child his father (who was obsessed with experimentation), finally tried it on one of his own children. Of course the strongest of his children was chosen to take this role. Naito was happy to help out his father because he had never led him down the wrong path before. That was until now at least. The day his fathers experiments were to begin, Naito saw a dragon roaming around the castle. He knew his father had some strange friends and him having dragon friends was not all that strange, or so he thought. The reason this dragon was here is because he was also a part of the experiment. Naito soon figured out that the experiment his father was going to do today was try to mix vampire and dragon DNA. As Naito heard his father say what would be happening he was quickly picked up and strapped down to a table. Soon his father came over to him and injected some of the dragon’s blood into his veins. After a bit of squirming and writhing around in pain, he calmed down and slits could be seen in his eyes. Much like a dragon has to their eyes. The experiment was complete and a huge success. Although little did his father know that the experiment had changed his sons powers ever so slightly. Naito was now able to take the shape of various animals and even had a dragon form. Naito of course hid these powers away from his family. That was until one of his brothers saw him change into a wolf, and ran off to tell thier father. Once his father knew he had Naito test out his powers everyday, until he would pass out from the strain. One day though his father was making him test his new abilites in a more interesting way. He was keeping Naito awake with a constant flow of blood so he would stay energized and awake. About eighteen years passed this way for Naito. He thought he was on the verge of perfecting these abilites, but something else happened. One day when he was training by himself he suddenly felt that he was losing control over his own body. The next thing he saw after he woke up from what seemed like a horrible dream was his father, dead at his feet. He looked around the room he was in to see the terrified faces of his brothers, sisters, and mother. The next few hundred years were mostly a blur for him.

My Appearance

He can change his appearance on a whim, but will mostly be seen with green hair that reaches halfway down his back, and bangs that almost get into his eyes. His eye color for this form would be a icy blue. Mostly wears a red button up shirt with a black trench coat or a black suit with a white button up shirt. He is of an athletic build and appears to be in his twenty’s with a height of six foot two inches.