Nala Emerald Bridgers


Nala is a more quiet and reserved lady. She prefers to read books than to interact with others really. But she will read in public places so that she may, perhaps, make a friend or two. She also prefers the outdoors than the indoors. As the sounds of nature is much preferable to her ears than the chatter of people. But give her a glass of lemonade, a good book and a blanket to snuggle underneath and she’ll happily chat with someone for hours

Nala is also a strong and independent woman. Which makes her a bit blunt. She doesn’t think that something is necessary? She’ll speak her mind, how she thinks it should go then just do it herself. And it usually always works out when this happens. She’s just lucky like that..

Who Am I...

Nala Emerald Bridgers

Romantic Interests

No One at the Moment..

My Story Is...

Unknown. Nala just found herself in a hospital on Hellifyno one day. With no memory or recollection of her past. Not even past family or friends. But her story after that? Well, she ventured out the hospital. Having not really seeing any further need to be there. So she just got up and waltzed out. She explored the town, got the gist of where she was and how things were on this planet and began to explore. Eventually ending up in Persistence

My Appearance

Naturally gorgeous young woman looking away | Beauty, Curly hair ...



My Secrets Are...