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Kevin Creekman es en la actualidad, uno de los modelos más codiciados por los fotógrafos y marcas de moda, pero su actual look tatuado no es solo el resultado de un fan por los tatuajes o un intent… #birthmarkmade

Who Am I...

Hit man. Cage fighter.

Romantic Interests

His bottle, his bike and his guitar.

Relationship Status

Still chasing her ghost…

My Story Is...

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Born in a tiny village in Norway,  Nash was never destined to become anything remarkable.
But fate has a way of changing things…



She was wild, dark haired and she was his..
the only one able to sustain his fire without being burned

and than he lost them both.


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Her name was Aurora. But, he called her Rory. And she reminded him of the dancing hues of home.

Breathtaking and untouchable, impossible to grasp. 

Always swirling with violent frenzy, like a whirlwind of color.

She was sentenced to die by his hand



KEVIN CREEKMAN on Instagram: “Sometimes just chasing a dream is like living the dream. I have never regret a single day moving all the way from Germany to the the USA.…”

My Appearance

KEVIN CREEKMAN @thecreekman does he design tattoos. :-)


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