Naadir Nasimov

Intro Video

Who Am I...

a possessed archaeologist

Romantic Interests

"No time for love, Doctor Nasimov?"

My Appearance

A tall and lean cossack with calloused hands and physique riddled with ropey muscle. His entire flesh except for his face is carved in black eldritch script, running like morbidly glimmering veins of obsidian sown into the skin. Eyes keen and as blue as permafrost peek inbetween the tresses of his wild black mane that often obscures the man’s wolfish face. Despite the imposing appearance his disposition is warm and polite. Snappy dresser for the most part.


• Emma – An extremely heavy rune inscribed silver revolver weighing 50kg. The metal was smelted and compacted through a lost dwarven process to produce abnormal density. Naadir found the sidearm in a dwarven thane’s tomb while he was still under contract with the Magadan University. It was not intended for human use, requiring great arm strength to wield.

• Victoria – The 40cm detachable bayonette that goes with the revolver. Made from the same material. Can be wielded like a short sword.

• Moleskin journal and pencil

• Tobacco rolling paraphernalia

• Matches occasionally

My Secrets Are...

Carved on my body.