Natalie Pinkadow

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**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Natalie “Jessica” Pinkadow



DOB:November 23rd

Species:Wolf, Dragon Human Hybrid

Magic:Fear & Roots

Weapon Of Choice: Aaron Pinkadow’s Halberd


Who Am I...

Natalie The Academistress Of Hagistead/Andrew The Fallen Father

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

With Ellie Haze

My Story Is...

Krite/Pinkadow Curses

November 23rd,The Day I was born..I was lucky to have my Mother worried sick about my bone structure as I was diagnosed with Post-Hybroxia which meant I had a increased risk to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Surviving SIDs

While I was a young baby my father didn’t pay close attention to me as my Mother did because My Grandpa:Aaron Pinkadow had posioned my father’s mind from an early age

A Hit on My Mom

When I was around 6 years old,I was having nice walk with my mother as she taking me to met My Auntie Alida.

Suddenly outta no where,One Of My Grandfather’s men struck into a fight with my mother who told me to run to Alida but once I got there I could see my father’s sword impaling my Aunt’s Heart and my face filled with utter disgust

Running Away with Bella

After i watched my Mother & Aunt get murdered by the people I had trusted,my cousin who is a couple years older than me.

Grabbed my hand Telported us to the Lucyrus Kingdom

Aunt Abby & Mikayla?

At the time,my other 2 aunt’s were still young as Abby was about 17 & Mikayla was 13 or 14.I wanted to be able to join but Bella said we should go stay with our Grandma’s Sister:Rylie Skymoon

Bella leaves me

Once she had dropped me off safe in Rylie’s care,She ran off and Telported out of Skymoon..

Once Rylie found me in her home,She asked me who i was & why I was I told her that I was her Nephew’s Daughter and everything else so from that point on she taught me how to hide from my Grandpa using a puppet face mask and I got gifted a Halberd

Meeting Payne

After a year and a couple months of being on my own,it had been 3-5 years since my Aunt & Mom had been murdered,I kept running through a nearby village before I accidentally ran into a lady who greeted me with kindness and offered me to join her,Later I came home with her as she asked to care for me and I accepted further more she became my Mother figure

Alida & Dad return

As I think things couldn’t get more odd,my father gets relived after my aunt.

He wanted to fix his past and relationship with me as he explained it all to me as my grandpa had used me to hold my father at grip when he had Married my own.

I can’t completely forgive him but he can fight along side me

Korean Step Mom?

I don’t know who this woman is or do I like her.

Shes very odd and fustrating..I don’t even know why my dad would wanna spread culture onto us.

Post-Gemival War

I should’ve expected that my grandpa would evenutally declare war on my cousin


My Appearance


White Blank Face with eye and mouth holes carved out

White Tank Top

Black Jeans

Red and White Socks

Teenage Shoes-Pastel Grey

Pastel Red Eyes


Aaron Pinkadow’s Halberd with a Devil Enchantment

My Secrets Are...

That I don’t have good trust with ppl,so u ain’t gonna know

I Believe...

That all people can change from the Dark Side to the side of Heros and Neutrals