Who Am I...

The Alpha and the Omega… The Beginning and the End

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to Kida

My Story Is...

*Update (20180428)* Naythan has returned to the town of Persistence and once more has become a frequent visitor of the Red Sun Inn….Grrreeeaaaat.

*Update (20180317)* Naythan now finds himself as one of the brave few enduring the space endeavors led by Captain/Doctor Alexandra Kirk. Upon losing his home and all that he knew, the brave crew was kind enough to beam him aboard and allow him to earn himself a spot amongst them, which he has certainly not taken for granted.


*Original*Being the “product” of a Celestial being is no easy task to carry on with… Being the “product” of both a Celestial and Demon certainly sets the bar for how things shouldn’t be.

Within the Universe, the line separating the Heavens and the Depths of Hell grow thin, all-out war is always on the brink, and with my creation… That war is now certain.

The unfortunate burden I’ve put upon myself, is that innocent worlds should not collapse due to my existence, and yes, I’ve thought about vanishing, simply disappearing entirely, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that two opposites in their entirety somehow managed to see past their differences and what they represent, and literally take an entire agenda of war and peace and combine together to create… Well, me.

Unfortunately, their idea was soon diminished, and those who really are the ones pulling the strings made to it that both (my father and my mother so to speak) disappeared without a trace and that the hunt for me was of a greater concern than that of representing Light and Dark.

Now to say I’ve been on the run is a bit of an understatement, I’ve lived through centuries, I’ve seen the rise of Rome, I’ve seen the fall of Sparta… You get the point, I’ve witnessed a lot… But I’ve also had to avoid the majority of individuals most of my life, seeing anyone I’d even come remotely close to would be in danger, but then I had a revelation…

I am feared. They aren’t chasing me to end me because I’m an abomination, they are chasing me because they’re scared of what I’m capable of.

It had taken me long enough to figure this out, but ever since, I’ve taken quite a drastic change in how I handle my business… I face them head-on.

To this day, it’s proven well, in fact, my retaliation has actually granted me days, if not weeks of peace where I can actually… Let loose and be myself, but they’re always scheming, coming up with the next best method to hunt me and end me… But that’s not why I’m allowing myself to be found.

I need help… Not in defending myself, but in maintaining worlds to continue being prosperous and avoid the destruction that normally follows my path. I am not a protector of any means, I’ve stooped to some personal lows in my existence, but I’ve also witnessed that life can go on without the intervention of Light and Dark… And it would appear their next best scheme is to simply cast worlds asunder if they can’t get to me… It’s a tall order, but everyone needs some help form time to time.

My Appearance

In the beginning, I didn’t have much taste for a physical form, finding it easier just to cast myself around as a spirit amongst mortals, but as I developed, I soon found that I needed a physical presence to not only protect those who needed it, but to bring a fair fight between both the Light and the Dark.


So here’s what I’ve managed…


I stand at, what apparently is deemed “tall”, 6′ 3″, weighing in at a masculine 215 lbs (apparently a sluggish look is not a way to present ones self as a form of defender).

Shoulder-length, blonde silken strands cascade downward and sway with each step I take and blow in the mildest of breezes.

Pending the scene (or era even) that I find myself in, I will dress accordingly, never too high fashioned, but not exactly one to be brushed off as a begger. I do enjoy the idea of keeping myself well-groomed and mannered whenever I do get a chance to myself.


I’m never carrying much on me due to travels, perhaps the currency required to get around where I need to without drawing a scene if I have to provide my own sort of transportation (Apparently, not everyone is too fond of seeing a human form flying off in an instance, but it’s fun nonetheless).

My Secrets Are...

The issue of creating my physical form, is that I have to harness both the Light and Dark within this being, which you may believe is impossible… And it should be, but I’ve made it this far… There is always a constant nagging within my thoughts, since the voices of Light and Dark are both dominant within me, though neither actually attempt to take full control, sort of an “Agree to Disagree” on who is in charge-type situation. It can make for some fun stories.

I Believe...

That anything I'm personally attempting to accomplish is moot, and I should just move on with my life and carry out however I so please… But then that just wouldn't be any fun. Call me a rebel.