T’rislae Xiltyn


“L’elamshin d’lil Ilythiiri zhah ulu har’luth jal”


Name:  T’rislae Xiltyn


Nickname: Lae, Xil, (Or whatever people want to call me, i suppose)


Gender: Female


Race: Ilythiiri/Dark Elf


Age: ???


Height: Approx: 5’3


Weight: Approx: 110lbs/50kg


Hair: White, soft hair, flows to the midpoint of my back.


Skin: Light grey, Flawless complexion.


Distinguishing marks: The faint glow that my eyes have.


Eyes: Completely purple ‘whites’, and purple iris+pupils.


Clothing: usually some form of shoulder-less dress, in darker colours.

Temperament: Usually introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving.


Moral/ethical beliefs: Death is only a comma, not a full stop.


Religious beliefs: I’m Unsure.


Hobbies: Reading, horseback riding, magical experimentation.


Habits: Rubbing my legs when sitting idle, bouncing them, or tapping my foot. Likely more things that I cannot recall.


Quirks/eccentricities: Nothing i can think of, as i write this.


Likes: Grass, wind, large bodies of water, hills/mountains, rivers, large cats, and as so many others do, as we are all a slave to biology- Sex. .


Dislikes: Most humans, Driders, and as is becoming a theme: likely some things i cannot recall.


Fears: Firearms, orcs, driders.


Short term goals: Security, shelter, reliable food and water, develop friendships.


Long term goals: Consolidate a feeling of power and control over my own life.


Occupation: None.


Skills: Due to my abilities, i am skilled at healing, raising, influencing, and banishing the dead. Ironically, i suppose my abilities could be good for torture.


Secrets: Secret.



Always has: Some form of healing potion… stuff?


Sometimes has: Books… Items?


Magical abilities: Healing (partial biomancy?), Necromancy. 


(To Be added)