Though the light may of vanished you can still find hope in friends. Let them show you where the light is

Who Am I...

I am neko

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Neko was found by some people foraging for berries. She was covered in mud and no one would of guessed her hair is actually pink due to the mud matting it. She wasn’t taught to speak or anything. Upon gaining the trust of one person, he convinced her to go for a bath. Neko agreed and removed her rag T-shirt and shorts that she had found laying around and climbed into a hot spring where he taught her to clean herself. That’s when neko started to learn to sleep in houses and eat actual food. Not long after that neko started to learn how to read and write. The one who took her in realised she had an eye for alchemy so he taught her everything he knew. She soon over passed him and decided she wanted to learn to count and handle money. She opened a bar and became a rather successful bar owner until moving to the new lands. Here she was lost. She didn’t know who to talk to and her friends grew distant. Neko had to start getting to know people. She made new friends and eventually grew to love someone. [to be continued]

My Appearance

Pink hair, pink eyes, 5”5 very skinny looking. She wears a T-shirt and shorts but also sometimes dresses.


A dagger, journal, seeds, berries, medical supplies and a armour made of water drake scales.

My Secrets Are...

Why share them if they are secret

I Believe...

There is kindness in everyone. You just need to see it