Never trust anyone.

Most have fake intentions

Who Am I...

I’m a human raised by woodelves

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

As a baby elves found her in the arms of a woman who had died from an arrow wound.

The elves took her in and raised her to be a hunter. Her exposure to the magics that the elves used has given her the ability to use there magic.

When 18 Rebecca went to hunt for her father to find him in a village that feared him.

She found out that her father killed her mother because she wanted rebecca to feel safe.

As her father slept, Rebecca went into his home and slit is throat. Humans are not her family so she does not care.

My Appearance

as Seen in picture


For me to know

My Secrets Are...

Why share them if they are secret

I Believe...

Betrayal is something one should of forgive