Though the light may of vanished you can still find hope in friends. Let them show you where the light is

Who Am I...

I am neko

Romantic Interests

Single and happy.

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Neko was found by The Guild hiding in a bush. She was very shy and did not know how to speak or write. She did however have a good knowledge of the plant life and what plant is good for what. She also has very powerful nature magic. Not much was known about neko. No one knows how she got there or why she follows a tree spirit but was very devoted to it until the guild was desolved.

Brfore that day neko followed her guild master around like an admiring puppy and student. She always wanted to show him her work to make him proud of his student.

When guild ship named The Pug set sail. She was the bar tender. She would spend all day greeting everyone and serving them drinks. It was usually very busy and she enjoyed it but then one horrible day the pug sank when neko was out exploring. Her tree was in the pug and stood in the center of the massive ship and also went down with it. Neko managed to retrieve the near dead tree and plant it somewhere on the forests but it stopped talking to her. Neko tried everything and went crazy. All of her friends where gone to her knowlage and she couldn’t sense her teacher. She finally went into a coma and that’s when she met mother.

when she woke up she was given a new goal. She must find her guild master. But this time it’s for a darker reason.



A dagger, journal, seeds, berries, medical supplies and a armour made of water drake scales.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

There is kindness in everyone. You just need to see it