Neko-kitty (Sonya)


Though the light may of vanished you can still find hope in friends. Let them show you where the light is

Who Am I...

I am neko/Sonya is a vampire

Romantic Interests

Runs her finger behind her ear and giggled

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Before her change, she was a kind, loving, bubbly neko who hated violence and strived to help everyone. She was prone to emotional outbursts and slight tantrums. Neko died when a man of fire attacked her and at the moment of death a dark passenger she had consumed the last of her life.

Now neko is something different. She still has the same personality but tends to go into a dazes continuously. Why? She now fights the dark voices telling her to do harm. Consent whispers wanting her to harm those around her but she fights the voices with the help of her guild and sally.

Sonya azzuro is a vampire that’s 700 years old. She was just a child when it happened, she worked her fathers farm and was surprised when a man of pale skin approachedher. The curious girl didn’t run. When her family found her, her skin was pale and cold. Bit marks where on her neck. The man? He was nowhere to be seen, the family knew from the marks that she would turn so the father made the choice no father should make.. beheading there own child. That day a woodaxe could be heard cutting bone but he only done half the job as sonya woke that very night with her creator standing over her, healing her. Her mouth was dry and she was so hungry so who best to be her first meal than the ones who tried to kill her for good. The farm was destroyed and a girl of red hair pale skin and blood coming from her lips walked away into the night.

Though her travels the child vampire grew stronger. She was 500 years old and was growing depressed with her child like looks. Her Master is long gone so she needed someone. A man called Ezio Azzuro, a god found her and took a interest in the child vampire. He adopted her as his daughter. Under his care Sonya grew happy again she wasn’t alone anymore.

556 years old Sonya met a demon. He was really handsome and very charming. He promised Sonya the body of a woman. This was the one thing she always wanted and accepted the deal that shall never be spoken.

570 Sonya was going into a slumber when a massive creature attacked her with help from an unknown man she defeated the demon. Sonya received a special gem found on the creature as a reward.  As Sonya was learning to be a master swordsman and blacksmith she created a sword for this gem. A one handed katana to be exact.  She added the gem to her hilt but something happened she didn’t expect. The gem became empty and glass like as the demon unknowingly trapped inside it entered her.  It’s one mission was to destroy Ezio Azzuro. Ezio could not hurt Sonya and could not get though to her so he gave her his own blood to control and contain the demon. It also gave Sonya the angel form. When one of Sonyas friends noticed Sonya could not control her god blood he summoned a controlled demon commanderto possessing her but not take over her. The demon becoming one with her turned her hair black,

700 old she is now and her story is still to be finished. Her story updates with her experience.




My Appearance


Neko  hold berries for eating and ususally carry herbs. She has a bag that contains an alchemy set and also have healing potions. She carries a special mask that protects her from gasses and mist. She carries seeds with her at all times and first aid equipment. A golden orb called Glitter. A book she is writing.

Sonya has a massive amount of blades all over her in hidden areas,

I Believe...

There is kindness in everyone. You just need to see it