Romantic Interests

Alright, sure

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Did you know that some little part of the plaugue was frozen in the ice of Anarctica and when it melts it could unleash the black plaugue back into the world. Well, I certaintly didn’t. The world became a post apocalyptic scene, and after that, it’s pretty unclear, all I know is that I’m here now.

My Appearance

Paled skin (From not going outside) Light ginger hair, black eyes. I generally wear navy striped overalls over a white shirt and long boots, I own a black plaugue mask, however don’t usually wear it.


The average apocalypse inventory. A little food and water, a small pocket knife, a larger knife and some roll-up bandages (Because cliche is cliche, and the roll-up bandages are now magic.)

I Believe...

Do or die.