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The original Nero.  I have been RPing as this Character when the game was announced then modified it directly to Nero when the game came out, he grew as the game molded him. So I have been RPing as this character for 11 to 12 years.  Please do not mimic copy anything off my profile, do not, maim, alter, or kill without my permission.  

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Nero Darkslayer son of Vergil Gliver Darkslayer/ Also Balthazar Phoenix Silvermoon Cross

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Single and staying that way

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Balthazar Phoenix  Silvermoon Cross

He is a hybrid of a human shapeshifter mother named Silverwolf Cross and his father was a demon that a name has escaped him but these were his adoptive parents as he never knew his real parents. He was known as Nero during that time but during his years of demon hunting, he suffered a nasty hit that sent him off a tower in which he survived but had lost his memory. Growing up was hard for the male he was picked on and bullied as a child in the order of the sword so when someone tries to demoralize him he lets out a colder more sadistic side. But he has his charming ways if you treat him nicely.  Backstab him and he won’t think twice about putting a bullet in your skull.

His past he was married to Amy Enomoto, but their relationship ended on a bad note, Then he was married to Alexa D’exus but the soon fell apart after myspace chats shut down.

Has a son named Genesis NeoTerra Enomoto


Face claim Nero from the Devil May Cry games.

Nero Darkslayer

The son of Vergil Gliver Darkslayer.

My Appearance


He is 7’9″ tall and athletically built male with a silver trench coat, cyan muscle shirt, black jeans and black boots.



His wolf form


Demon form

Nero has the same looks but is 6’4″

Back in his initial appearance, Nero wore a long, dark blue coat with a red inner lining with The Order of the Sword’s insignia sewn into both shoulders. The coat has a brown harness. Under the coat he wears a red zip-up hoodie/vest with two zippers under his coat, a black shirt beneath that. On his left wrist he has a red wristband held in place with a small brown belt. Nero’s legwear consists of a pair of blue pants held up by a belt with a rose buckle. Over his pants, he wears brown thigh straps with small belts in them. Nero wears brown boots that go half way up his shins.

Nero shortens his hair to a faux-hawk like style, and now wears a more casual punkish attire, consisting of a dark blue hooded jacket, a tattered dark crimson shirt and black pants with military-style combat boots. He also uses a cybernetic arm in place of his Devil Bringer. Although at the end of the game, he regrows his human arm, he also uses a prototype power gauntlet made by Nico to substitute his Devil Breakers. While in his recently awakened full-powered Devil Trigger, Nero not only gains a demonic yellow pupil and black iris, also gains a cyan skin with glowing blue lines on his abs and lower arms, red lines on his both sides of his mouth to his eyes, long hair, blue spectral wing-like arms, and a feather-like horns.
In contrast with Dante’s laid-back and occasionally flirtatious attitude, Nero is a more serious, sardonic and somewhat antisocial person. He is a choleric character whose emotions can get the better of him, especially when his loved ones are involved. Nero also has a short-temper and prone to be impulsive, although by Devil May Cry 5 he has notably mellowed out somewhat, which Nero attributed to caring for the orphans that lives with him and Kyrie. Devil May Cry 5: Before the Nightmare
However, he is also like Dante in that he has a rebellious nature: he wields a gun, despite the Order’s general prohibition against them; he doesn’t really believe in the Order’s religion; and cares little for the legend of Sparda. His rebellious nature leads to the Order having him work alone on “special jobs.” In fact, Nero actually prefers to act as a lone wolf.[8] However, Nero shows great loyalty to people he cares about, especially to Kyrie and Credo whom he grew up with. Even though he doesn’t care for the Order of the Sword’s religion, Nero still participates in some of their activities out of respect for Credo and Kyrie. Nero’s softer side comes out around his loved ones, especially around his lover Kyrie. Nero is very gentle and thoughtful towards Kyrie and considers himself to be very lucky to have her in his life.
Like Dante, Nero is a somewhat arrogant and cocky person. He shares Dante’s habit of casually mouthing off to even the most powerful of his enemies, making taunts and sarcastic jokes on the battlefield. Nero also taunts in a similar, sarcastic fashion to Dante: one taunt involves him bowing mockingly and asking, “Shall we dance?”; another has him aiming the Blue Rose at his enemies and saying “Bang!” instead of shooting; and another has him applaud his enemies. Despite that, Nero shows an underlying insecurity about his own ability to protect those he loves, a fear aggravated by his inability to save Credo. Therefore, he takes comments about his own abilities to heart, which is seen when he holds a resentment of the term ‘dead weight’ after Dante called him that. He eventually comes to terms with his insecurity when he resolves not to let Dante and Vergil kill each other, which allows him to tap into his own demonic abilities.
Nero was initially disgusted by his demonic abilities. When he first received the Devil Bringer, he considered it a curse and covered it with a medical sling to hide it out of shame. However, over time he began to train with the Devil Bringer until he finally embraces it as his power.
Nero is one of the few characters in the Devil May Cry series to actually swear and showcase offensive and crude behavior to others. Such instances include: him calling Agnus a “jackass” and his laboratory a “hellhole”. He also almost calls Agnus a “son of a bitch” later, but is cut short. Before fighting Dante, he tells him “Kid? Well, if that’s how you see me, I think you’ll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass”. Later on, he tells Sanctus “Go blow yourself” and could say “I’m not interested in your bullshit!” when using a Buster in the first battle with the vicar. Lastly, he gives Dante the middle finger before being absorbed by The Savior. In Devil May Cry 5, during the final battle between him and his father Vergil, he says “Fuck you!” while giving him a middle finger during his transformation into his demonic form via Devil Trigger. He further calls Vergil a “Fucking Asshole!”.
Over the course of the next five years, Nero was met with many people, such as occult reporters and novelists, who were investigating The Savior incident. At one point, Nero met a occult journalist named Jeffrey Turner for the “Occult Times” magazine, vaguely answered his questions and had a picture taken of himself, thought his face was obscured. Since the Fortuna orphanage had not been rebuilt after the incident, Nero and Kyrie took in three young orphans: Julio, Kyle, and Carlo. However, their lifestyle was very simple since there wasn’t a lot of work for Nero to do in Fortuna, be it hunting demons or helping the locals, and Kyrie usually refused monetary payment, so they were often paid in food and other essential items.
One day, while trying to repair Red Queen, Nero was interrupted by Julio, who informed Nero that a “strange woman” was outside. Nero jokingly asked Julio if the woman had “three eyes and no nose,” but was told that the fact that she was looking for him was what made her strange. Nero initially thought it was another reporter, but when Julio described the woman as having dark skin and glasses, Nero believed that it may be Gloria. However, Julio also stated that she had frizzy black hair, which annoyed the woman in question – Nico – and caused her to barge into Nero’s garage. While hiding his Devil Bringer away from Nico’s sight, Nero sent Julio back to Kyrie and determined that Nico was either human or a weak demon due to the Devil Bringer having no reaction to her. When Nico questioned Nero, Nero requested that Nico should put out her cigarette before speaking with him because he doesn’t like smoking and the garage is full of combustible gases. When Nico quipped that he should save the lectures for Julio, Nero became more irritated and told Nico to put out her cigarette or get out of his garage. Nero mentally observed that Nico was about the same age as him yet she talked down to him and thought that she was an unpleasant person.
After Nico complied with Nero’s demand, she noticed his Devil Bringer and teased him a little bit about his arm. Although Nero was worried about her reaction to it, Nico nonchalantly stated that he doesn’t have worry and that his Devil Bringer was part of who he was. Nico finally introduced herself as “Nicoletta Goldstein” and explained that she was looking for The Order of the Sword‘s demonic research documents, which was why she was asking former members of the organization for help. Nero noticed that Nico didn’t seem to have any ill-intent, but remained wary of her and inquired how she knows about the Order’s private research. When Nico revealed her extensive investigation, Nero realized that she had legitimate connections to demons as opposed to the occult fanatics, but  believed that it gave him more of a reason to be suspicious of her and denied her request. Nero was surprised when she suddenly asked about Agnus and informed her that he was killed. When he asked how she knows “that asshole,” Nero was stricken with disbelief upon learning that Agnus was her father. As Nico started tinkering with Red Queen, Nero struggled to take it back from her, due to disliking how she touched his stuff without permission. However, Nero eventually stood in awe as she immediately identified its problem while scolding Nero for not regularly doing maintenance on Red Queen, and quickly fixed it. Nero accepted that Nico was Angus’s daughter by watching her work and noticing the similarities between them. Feeling indebted for Red Queen’s repair, Nero decided to help Nico find the documents and was joyfully given permission to call her “Nico”.
Nero took Nico to the basement of Fortuna Castle, where Agnus’s old lab was located, and watched her stutter with excitement at the equipment. Fearing that she may be planning to continuing Agnus’s malicious research and bring demons into the Human World, Nero asked Nico what her intentions were while secretly planning to kill her with Blue Rose depending on her answer. When Nico explained to Nero she wanted to be a weapon artist, Nero took his finger off Blue Rose’s trigger. When asked if he knew Nell Goldstein, Nero was insulted by Nico, but managed to keep his cool and explained he hasn’t heard of her because guns aren’t popular in Fortuna. Nero told Nico that people used to look down on Nero for using one, piquing Nico’s interest and causing her to ask if Nero really has a gun. After hesitating for a moment, Nero showed Blue Rose to Nico and allowed her to examine it, while becoming impressed that Nico was able to deduce the gun’s design. While Nero reflected over his life, Nico started bragging about Nell’s work, which Nero had little interest in until she mentioned Ebony & Ivory. Nero realized the connection between Dante and Nico while becoming increasingly uncomfortable since Dante was the one that killed Agnus using Nell’s guns. While ignoring Nico’s inquiry if Dante was a good person and was using her grandmother’s weapons honorably, Nero quietly tried to process the information Nico gave him and reflected how Dante was an important person to him, leaving him confused as to how to explain everything to Nico. In the end, Nero told Nico everything about Agnus and Dante, which she held no hard feelings for.
Later, Nero and Nico took all of Agnus’s documents back to Nero’s house and allowed Nico to stay with them for a while as she worked through the papers. During dinner, Nero stomped on Nico’s foot when she swears in front of Kyrie, which amused Kyrie. While Kyrie was in the kitchen, Nico remarked that Kyrie was too good for Nero, which Nero agreed with. When Nico took out her cigarettes, Nero snatched them away for her and ordered her not to smoke in the house. Before going outside, Nico questioned if Nero would like to use any of her weapons, though Nero didn’t how to respond to that, and she proclaimed that they will be business partners. Nero was unsure if Nico was okay with the arrangement since he helped Dante kill her father, but Nico stated she doesn’t hold any grudges. Nero then reacted in shock when Nico told him about Rock Goldstein, who is also her blood-related uncle and her adoptive father.

Nero loses his Devil Bringer.

For the next year, Nero and Kyrie came to the conclusion that they should make their own Devil May Cry branch mobile so Nero can find more work outside Fortuna and earn more money in order to support themselves and the orphans. Since they didn’t have a lot of money, Nero purchased a broken down RV and began working with Nico in refurbishing it. One day in April, Nero and Nico were working on the RV, with Nico complaining about how she had become Nero’s “pet mechanic” since she had been helping him so much, but Nero said that Nico still owed him for his giving her the Order’s documents. When Kyrie called them in for dinner, Nero told Nico to go on ahead of him and started cleaning up when he noticed a hooded figure outside the garage. Thinking the man was homeless, Nero causally invited him to eat with him and Kyrie, while not noticing that the hooded man had stepped inside the garage without a response. Suspicious, Nero questioned what the stranger wanted and noticed his Devil Bringer is glowing, signaling that the stranger is a demon. Hearing Kyrie calling for him, Nero warned her to stay away, leaving himself open for an attack from the stranger, who then ripped the Devil Bringer off Nero’s arm. As the hooded man used Yamato to teleport away, Nero bled profusely as he weakly tried to stop the man. Nero soon passed out from the blood loss as Kyrie and Nico arrived onthe scene and tried to stop the bleeding as they called a hospital for help.

DMC5 Visions Of V Coma Nero
Nero in a coma.

For the next few weeks, Nero remained in a coma and eventually woke up in his hospital room to find V by his bedside. Without his Devil Bringer to tell him if V was a demon or nor, a tense Nero questioned V, who told him that he knows the demon who stole his arm and that Dante was currently on his way to fight him, since he hired Dante to beat the demon due to V being after him as well. V invited Nero to join the mission because he doesn’t think Dante can beat the demon alone, which Nero was doubtful about. Nero also pointed out that his current condition won’t allow him to fight very well, but V and Griffon goaded Nero by remarking on his wounded pride. Although he doesn’t trust V, Nero desired to get back his Devil Bringer and was used to fighting with one arm since he used to hide his Devil Bringer a lot. However, Nero was worried about Kyrie, and since he believed that she wouldn’t let him leave after what had happened to him, Nero told V to wait while he sneaked back to the garage so he could get his weapons. Afterwards, Nero and V traveled to Red Grave City in a helicopter and entered the Qliphoth tree.
Seeing Dante fighting from afar, Nero questioned why he was here since it seems Dante was holding his own well enough, but V warned Nero not to underestimate the demon, Urizen, since he gained a lot of power after taking Nero’s Devil Bringer. After V went ahead, Nero mused how everything about V was suspicious yet felt compelled for some reason to follow him and wanted to believe V was being with honest with him. Nevertheless, Nero had a “score to settle” and felt guilty for losing Yamato after Dante entrusted it to him. Nero fought his way through the tree, meeting up with V again and was told to go ahead leave the lesser demons to him. Upon entering Urizen’s throne room, Nero saw Dante, Trish, and Lady on the ground. After saving Dante from being grabbed by a tentacle, Nero felt happy since Dante saved Nero and his loved ones once, and always wanted to repay Dante ever since. Nero insulted Urizen, who didn’t respond to his provocation, and proclaimed to Dante that he will be taking over the fight. Nero tried attacking using Red Queen, but a crystal of red demonic power that conjures a barrier prevented Nero from landing a blow on Urizen, and Nero was soundly beat back.
As the ground began to shake, Nero was nearly blasted by Urizen, but Dante intervened and told Nero to leave while he held Urizen back. Nero still wanted to fight, but Dante yelled that Nero was “dead weight”, which deeply hurt Nero and greatly angered him. Nero had to be dragged out of the throne room by V before debris collapsed the entrance. When Nero attempted to climb over the debris, V had to pin him down and told Nero to stop beating himself up. Nero and V escaped from the Qliphoth and met up with Morrison and told him what happened as tentacles started sprouted from the group and attacking people. While Nero wanted to fight and help the people, V stopped him and told him there was nothing he could do. After V revealed that the world will end after a month, Nero and V agreed to meet up again in a month, with Nero returning to Fortuna to train to get stronger since Nero was the only one who could defeat Urizen if Dante was really gone.
Once back in Fortuna, Nero immediately requested Nico to make him a prosthetic arm, which would take six months to create. Nero explained that her about their time limited, which only stressed Nico out since it’s impossible to make the arm within that time frame. When speaking to Nico after two days, Nero suggested asking Morrison for help, which she rejected, and ridiculed her for the lack of results. When Nico chastised him for his attitude, Nero apologized to Nico and promised to wait a littler longer. After Julio arrived to informed Nero that demons appeared in Mitis Forest, Nero invited Nico to join him and instructed her to keep her distance. After wandering in the forest for a while, Nero discovered a Blitz and tried to buy time so Nico can get to safety, but Nico was inspired and chose to stay. After killing the Blitz, Nero brought the Blitz’s corpse back home so Nico can study how it generates electricity in order to build Nero’s prosthetic arm. Nero also invited Nico to come on his demon hunts from now on to get more ideas.
After a month, Nero prepared to return to Red Grave City, wearing Nico’s Devil Breaker to replace his right arm, and said goodbye to Kyrie, telling her that Morrison may be sending people to protect the town while he was away. On the road, Nero received a call from V and set a meeting place so they could plan their next move. While Nero chides Nico for her rough driving, he thanked her for doing her best within the time limit. Since Nico had more ideas for his Devil Breakers, Nero promised to collect resources for her, especially demon corpses or fragments. Not having heard any news about Dante for a month, Nero mentally readied himself to save Dante and fight with his pride on the line.


A fire revving massive sword called Red Queen

See the source image


A double-barrelled smith&weston called Blue Rose

A black steel broad sword called Dragon’s Breath. He summons this from the devil bringer. ( A sword that the writer’s RP daughter gave to him before she died in real.)


My Secrets Are...

I really hate demon’s even though my father was one.