Ally (Devon)


Who Am I...

Ally Cooper

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

My brother, Devon, betrayed and abused me, also murdering my 3 year old sister, Clarity. I am a runaway from an abusive family. I get bullied often and have no friends because people don’t like to hang out with me.

My Appearance

Really bright electric blue eyes. Silky, shiny and smooth golden-blonde hair that is curly and is down to my waist. I am very little, scrawny and short. I wear a black hoodie with grey sweatpants and white tennis-shoes. I have a very dark scar that runs across my face. I wear a heart-shaped locket with a picture of my sister and I inside. I wear a black hair-tie around my wrist. I am 13 years old but appears to be 9 years old due to my height.


A small switch-blade knife, a heart-shaped locket, and a black hair-tie

My Secrets Are...

I can run incredibly fast. I can sing very well. I am sometimes energetic and hyper. I am much stronger than I look. I can fight and defend myself very well. I am sassy and I love and know a lot about animals.