Nicholas Thánatos

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Who Am I...

The Horsemen Death

Romantic Interests

Love is something you forget about over time

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My Story Is...

Death the eldest of the Four Horsemen
Was talking to God
They were talking about how far humans have gotten
Than Death brought up the subject
About if God would be ready when his time is up
As always God changed the subject
Well they say Gods and Goddess never want to die
But Ol Death always gets his dues
For not even the Divines can cheat Death
Must be lonely being Ol Death
Knowing that he will eventually reap his three brothers
They say Ol Death walks among us
They say you see him every day
Well Ol Death must be patient
Always having to deal with the Divine
Now you listen here if you ever see Ol Death you best walk on by
Better not to talk to him for those who do meet their end
Yea Ol Death must love being around humans
More than he does being around Immortals
You know they say if Ol Death finds you interesting
He might extend your life


My Appearance

Death takes the appearance of an elder looking, white male his black hair slick back while his eyes are dark and entrancing what he wears is a black suit with black dress pants shoes and socks he also wears black cloth gloves and a white silk tie

My Secrets Are...

You will never know what I know

I Believe...

In time all will die leaving me quite alone