Jason (Enhanced Mercenary)

Who Am I...

I'm 25, and I am a U.S. Army Staff sergeant grade two, I'll never give up. was in military experiments and is now a super human super soldier.

Romantic Interests

Arch Demons and befriended vampires or military personel

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I’ve been in the Military for a few years and I’m still fighting for a cause. Then entered an experiment that gave me a dense body that is not water buoyant but is almost bullet proof as well as super strength, luckily there were no visual changes other than height.

My Appearance


6 ft O in

180 lbs

Black nano suit

Black and grey titanium alloy powered armor HAZOP class


colt 45. mm pistol

M1A4 6.75 mm rifle

kukri knife

Mag light

My Secrets Are...

I fear vampires, blood demons, androids, and wraiths.

I Believe...

If you think you can win, try it.