Nicole Redbird

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Who Am I...

Nicole Redbird

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Taken by Yagi

My Story Is...

Nicole was a newborn when she was left on her new adopted parents’ door step. He adopted mother, Susan Redbird and her adopted father, Luke Redbird raised her like their own. They tried having a little one of their own so Nicole could have a sibling, but something would happen to where it was impossible, so they raised Nicole with all their love. Susan had cervical cancer.. It prevented her from having children. They lived in a secluded wooded area when she was growing up. One day when she was ten she was out on her own in the woods where she encountered a mountain lion. She thought she would die there, but instead she realized she controlled the plant life when a tree grew out of the ground, hitting the lion instantly killing it. She kept what happened and her powers that day a secret. The day she turned eighteen, she decided that day was going to be the day she was going to tell her parents. She came home from school when tragedy struck. Her parents died in a freak car accident. Ever since that day she’s lived on her own in her family home. She’s twenty-one years of age now and owns a flower shop in the city. She’s shy when she meets someone new but opens up like a flower when she get’s to know them. She’s clumsy and nice to everyone. She’s sees the best in people and hopes her story will be better then it was when she was growing up.

My Appearance

Stands at 5’1″, Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, fair white skin. And has a birthmark of a Rose on her left shoulder.


Plant life

My Secrets Are...

No one knows my ability

I Believe...

There is good in everyone