Who Am I...

Nikita is an elf gifted by her goddess with the power of moonlight. She is the only one of her kind to wield this honor.

My Story Is...

Nikita was born as a low class elf. Always picked on because she couldnt summon, Nikita constantly questioned her worth within her people. During an attack by humans, Nikita’s sister Mariana was almost killed and her emotions were so strong, she was able to tap into the moonlight within her, and save her sister. Since then she has been viewed as either a hero, or a catastrophy by her people.

My Appearance

Nikita has long, wavy white hair, with purple, almost silver eyes. She had pointy ears of course, and usually wears a leather necklace with a tarnished ring on it. Shes five foot three, and curvy, yet lithe.


Nikita is never seen without her long bow and quiver of arrows.

My Secrets Are...

My secrets.

I Believe...

That fate is bull.