Out of the seven or so races of Kaliskel, the Litenya are the most ruthless. Most Litenya are killed at an early age. Most male Litenya. This is because, when a Litenya is ready to take their throne, they must slaughter their families. Female Litenya are viewed as slaves, and therefore kept alive to be breeding whores. (Please dont take offense). Litenya are fierce and heartless because of this, or weak and complacent. Litenya are also shape shifters. But when they take on a form, its usually the same Everytime. Depending on their personality, each Litenya has a different form.

Who Am I...

Nix is the first female ruler in all of Liteya'n history.

Relationship Status

She is one of Cain's treasures

My Story Is...

From the moment she was born, Nix was different. Almost every Litenya is gifted with dark skin, and dark hair. Yet Nix was born pale as a sheet of paper, with cold, silver eyes, and snow white hair. Because of this, her mother decided to name her Nix, which translates to snow in latin. Even when in the breeding houses, where all the girls could do nothing but listen to their male masters, she was picked on. Her own master closed his eyes when he had to speak to her, as if she were medusa. He abused her. And he tried breaking her. At the age of ten, she used her magic, and ripped him apart, limb from limb. After, she was taken from the houses, and let free to wander the kingdom. She had no friends. And the only person she talked to was her brother Helios. Just like her house master, he abused her. At the age of fifteen, she suffocated him with snow. Her parents were furious, now left with her younger brother Ceres to inherit the throne, and so, they locked her in her room. But she was smart. One day at meal time, she shifted into the form of a mouse, and when the door opened snuck out. She went to her parents room. And as her father slept, she ripped her heart out with her teeth while in her fox form. Her mom woke up and screamed, and Nix just grinned as she stumbled from the bed. Deciding to toy with her prey, Nix let her screaming mother run through the castle before cornering her, and using her power to expand her body until she exploded. She was still covered in blood as she was crowned. And now? She has set out to purge the world of weak vermin like her family.

My Appearance

When in human form, Nix stands at five feet even, with long locks of flowing white hair. Her skin is a snowy pale color, and her eyes are a cold glinting silver. She also has white ears, a white bushy tail, and her face is fox like. Shes lithe, and agile and is commonly seen in a white furred dress. Barefoot, and wearing her exotic crown.
When in fox form, shes small, with white fur, small paws, and bluish eyes. As well as a gem in the middle of her forehead.


(human form)

(fox form)


My Secrets Are...

Nix enjoys the feeling of blood splatter on her skin.

I Believe...

Killing, is just another form of cleansing.