Nigai Konna

Who Am I...

Nigai Honesty Konna

Romantic Interests

Men and Women

Relationship Status

Widower (Died. So yes, he is single)

My Story Is...

Nigai Honesty Konna, he was born in Japan. His father an American and his mother Japanese. Typical love story. Boy meets girl etc, etc…Skip to when Nigai turned nineteen. This was around..1987. He was having his usual drink in his usual bar, then he met her. The love of his life and his future spouse, Faerlyth. A black haired, blue eyed gorgeous man, for the moment at least. Nigai struck conversation with him. Both got drunk and one thing led to another..

Skip ahead once more to when Nigai finds out Faerlyth is a shifter and can change their gender when wanted or needed. He was happy about that, but a bit disturbed..And when he got drunk, he took that disturbed feeling out on Faerlyth. He was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive. ((Will Continue Story Later T-T))

My Appearance

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

One Ghost White Hue (Right) and One Pale Hold Hue (Left)

Roguishly Handsome Facial Features

Slight Burns and Scarring on the Right Side of his face

Tanned Skin

Muscular Build

Whip-Lash Scars covering his back

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

In nothing really..