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Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

Anybody. Doesn't have a prefrence.

Relationship Status

Single, non-bianary, and Pansexual

My Story Is...

I know they are still out there. They Have to be. My family of us dear. Sure they didn’t like my life choices, but I loved them. Everything about from the spots on mother doe’s back to when we are human when instead, her freckles. I was always a mothers child. I was constantly attached to her right along with my twin brother, Dofer. Then there was that storm. Right in the dark. Pitch black, then flashing lights blinding anything in the 50ft range. Then they were gone. My clothes were ragged and ripped as well as covered in dirt.  Trails of blood showed that we had tried to escape, but were unable to. I need to find them. I know they are still  out there. Somewhere. Being twenty two, I must find them. Avenge them for what they did over two decades ago.

My Appearance

Short brown and blonde hair with a thin body. Fair skin and bright blue eyes. Normally wears t-shirts and jeans with the same pair of black sneakers. On the occasion, my ears and antlers will come and grow.

My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell?

I Believe...

People get more than one chance in life