Noctis / Sephroth



Sephiroth’s spy clone Weiss

Weiss wields a pair of lever-actionsword revolvers forged by Argento. Though only officially referred to as “Weiss’s weapons”, they are identified by the emblems on their hilts: Heaven (?, Ame?)on the one carried in his right hand, and Earth (?, Tsuchi?) on the one carried in his left.

Noctis 3 Guards


Ignis uses two magi daggers, magic vials, and Spears

Prompto uses 2 guns called Lion Heart

Alduin the world eater (Locked in NoctUziren’s soul)

D.H.S Black Angel


Vergil Human with a Gilgamesh Cybernetic body.

With helmet active



Noctis Talos Bloodmoon

Vergil Demon King/ Son of Sparda

Dante James Bloodmoon son of Noctis


Who Am I...

Emperor Noctis Talos Frost/ Vergil son of Sparda

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Taken by my love Kilani Nevana

My Story Is...


Vergil’s Story: Born the first son of Sparda and a human Eva, twin to Dante. My story began when Mundus sent a demon horde to my home I hid in the shadows not knowing that my mother was looking for me, but when I saw her I ran to her but before I could reach her a demon cut her down. This enraged me and my demon side awoke, I took down the horde single-handedly, not knowing if my brother was alive or not I left the home thinking he had died. a decade later I hear of this devil hunter Tony Redgrave.   Sounded like my cocky brother Dante so I watched him from the shadows as a disguise I made known a Gliver. My face wrapped in bandages to hide my identity. Sure enough, it was my brother Dante, every so often I would work mission with him not knowing I was Vergil then one day a demon removed my bandages and Dante seen who I really was he came at me with his rebellion and I barely had enough time to summon my Yamato to my hand before he swung at me. But I was able to block his attack on time. This began our sibling rivalry. I hated him or not protecting our mother and he hated me for our mother having to go look for me. I defeated him and was able to escape then I found a way to acquire my father’s sword force edge and his power, but needed Dante’s half of the perfect amulet our mother gave to us on our tenth birthday a year after our father Sparda disappeared. I also found a place called Fortuna a place that worshiped my father as a god. There I met a young priestess and took comfort in her arms for a few months then was contacted by Arkham that he had found the location of the tower Temen-ni-gru, the tower that my father sealed away.    I revived the tower partly before being betrayed by Arkham who completed the opening with the blood of his daughter Mary, his wife was the descendant of the priestess that my father had sacrificed to seal the tower. I worked side by side with my brother Dante to defeat Arkham who had acquired our father’s power but after we defeated the false demon we continued our fight which I was defeated.   I decided to remain in the underworld and told Dante to escape before the portal closed. After that, I went to fight Mundus the demon king of the underworld ut due to the injured state I was in, I failed and was corrupted by the demon to serve him as his new dark knight like my father before me. Mundus had found a way to open several portals one on mallet island and one in Fortuna, I had failed my mission on opening the one on Fortuna and lost my beloved sword Yamato to a young warrior breaking it in half. Mundus succeeded to open the one on Mallett Island and sent Trish a demon he created to look like my mother, to lure my brother to meet me and for me to kill him. But I failed 3 times, the third time I dropped my half of the perfect amulet so he could defeat Mundus and free me from his power of corruption over me. Dante succeeded in sending Mundus back to the underworld where I was waiting and delivered the final blow killing the demon king for good with the help of my father Sparda he helped me but telling me where to strike the killing blow, it was then Mundus’ powers went into me but was too much for my corrupted body to take as it was killing me, I had found that Dante had given my restored Yamato to a young boy he met in Fortuna. I appeared to this young boy and severed his demonic arm from is body cause it contained my sword Yamato. I returned to the underworld and found my way to my childhood home, I used the Yamato to separate the demon from my human side and became a demon god. My human side had a mission to reunite with my demon side to restore my original form. I was glad Dante was able to defeat me so my human side could complete his mission. ANd found out I had a son with the priestess I took comfort within Fortuna all those years ago. We continued our sibling rivalry in the underworld while severing the roots of the demonic tree my demon form had summoned from the underworld. We left my son Nero in charge of protecting the human world.

Noctis’ story: I am an ancient demonic vampire from the realm known as Hel’Grind. A decade ago I burnt that kingdom to the ground in a fit of rage and anger from a broken heart. My one true love Kaileena Rose the light in my dark soul, broke her promise, her vows and shattered the light in my soul. Since then I have been wandering the realms in search of more power.

A new chapter in his life. A beautiful young Vampire had found him in his darkest thoughts, She saw past the monster and darkness in his soul and saw a light that grew into their love.

My Appearance

NoctUziren Bloodmoon

The awoken Emperor of Hel’Grind and the Underworld, the dragon Alduin slumbers in the male’s soul. The last time Alduin awoke was when Noct released him after the betrayal of Kaileena his wife, Vergil was able to calm Noct and to seal Alduin away but Vergil is dead and gone so it wouldn’t be wise to upset, threaten him as Alduin can eat galaxies and worlds alike.  His Look:  7′ tall with Black Gilgamesh armor, with the wings of Alduin appearing on his back, onyx hair long med length. His eyes are golden reptilian. He also can change normal roots into Orphillian roots to feed him blood and powers.

Human Vergil (Dead)

Onyx black mid-length hair, dark red vest, badly burned on the left side of his body, where he requires exoskeleton devices on his left arm and leg. Gilgamesh Nanos keep him alive and also form a hard armor on his body when danger is near as they come from a device on his back that was connected to the spine.


Platinum blonde hair slicked back, blue eyes.

Blue trench coat with light blue markings, black vest and tan pants with tan boots.

Demon large blue devil with six demonic wings.


Normal demon silenced: Long platinum blonde hair, ocean blue reptilian eyes

Darkness: bluish black shoulder length hair, ice blue reptilian eyes.

Demonic powers active: Hair turns to platinum blonde with red streaks and eyes turn to a fire red.

Clothes: black vest shirt/t-shirt, pants, boots, and a long trench jacket with a hood.

Skin: pale white with blood red around eyes.


NoctUziren: Sword HF Yamato ( Molded HF Blade and the shards of Yamato together. ) 2 rapid-fire colt M1911 handguns named Luce and Ombra, the armiger of 13 weapons of the kings, the engine Ultima sword and Alduin’s flame.

Human Vergil: Luce & Ombra (Ita: “Light & Shadow”) are a pair of personally customized[1], semi-automatic pistols made by the Dark Knight Sparda, and they are designed to rapidly fire bullets Colt M1911 rapid-fire handguns.

Vergil: Yamato and a leather book with the letter V on the cover.


Yamato, Engine blade and armiger arsenal of 13 crystal weapons.

Powers: Darkslayer, Bahamut crystal source of power for the armiger.
Main article: Armiger
Armiger, Noctis’s “Limit Break“, summons a barrier of any collected royal arms to surround him, and confers onto him a state of super speed, high mobility, greater chaining ability, heightened endurance to weaker enemy attacks, as well as levitation. Noctis enters a state of unlimited MP, a higher HP regeneration rate, and no HP cost for any Royal Arms used. It is meant for tight binds, as team-up actions, such as Link Strikes and Backside Strikes, are nearly impossible to achieve in this state. Armiger is upgraded with every royal arm the player finds, and every node the Armiger Ascension Sphere unlocks.
Armiger Unleashed is a new Armiger mode available in the Windows and Royal Editions after the player acquires all royal arms and inspects the statue of the Founder King in Keycatrich. It lets Noctis perform various combos and lets him use Techniques during it.

Royal Arm

Sword of the Wise
Story – Chapter 2: Legacy

Axe of the Conqueror
Story – Chapter 2: The Power of Kings

Bow of the Clever
Balouve Mines

Swords of the Wanderer
Story – Chapter 3: The Sword in the Waterfall

Blade of the Mystic
Story – Chapter 4: The Archaean

Star of the Rogue
The Myrlwood

Sword of the Tall
Costlemark Tower

Shield of the Just
Thommels Glade

Mace of the Fierce
The Rock of Ravatogh

Scepter of the Pious
Malmalam Thicket

Katana of the Warrior
Story – Chapter 10: The Hand of the King

Trident of the Oracle
Story – Chapter 12: Breath of the Glacian

Sword of the Father
Story – Chapter 13: Zegnautus Keep

My Secrets Are...

that is for me to know and you to find out.

I Believe...

in more power