Noctis Bloodmoon

Intro Video


Activating hell crystal powers


Dark Noctis


Who Am I...

Noctis king of Eos bringer of light

My Story Is...

Full name: Noctis Lucis Talos Bloodmoon

Height: 7’4″

Race: Demonic vampire




Father: Regis Bloodmoon (Dead)

Mother: Helena Bloodmoon (Dead)

Brother: Cloud Bloodmoon

Sister: Tifa Bloodmoon

Twin Daughters: Luna and Aria Bloodmoon.

King of the planet Eos. He has a council that keeps the Hellgate that resides on the planet closed by sacrificing a maiden every 10 years. These are young girls that are hidden from the world and are ready to die, but if they retain their will to live the ritual will fail and the Hellgate will break. The hell crystal resides inside Noctis’ soul as it is the source of his powers, but causes him to be a darker Noctis.

My Appearance


Crystal armiger of multi weapons



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