Tetsu Tsuoi

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Who Am I...

I am Tetsu Tsuoi, the Steel Midas. Don'na tatakai demo watashi e no okurimonodesu

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My Story Is...

I was born with the ability to turn anything I touch into fine Liverpool steel at will. I was afraid of my power, as I could accidentally turn my friends or my parents into metallic statues… Until I met Rojin-sama. He was my sensei, and he teached me to control my power, and showed me how strong I am.

I go to the gym four times a week, and run around 10 miles three times a week. I can make myself stronger than anyone, fuck these “secrets” for sixpacks in seven days – mine was done in five years. Fuck your will to achieve everything fast – you got your whole damn life to spend.

Anata no ushi no fumeiyo, meinu.


My Appearance

Tanned  skin because of long trainings outside. Eight pack, “iron-man” body build. Gray – white mid-long pointy hair, steel-blue (electra) eyes. Sharp eyebrows, solid masculine chin and hawk nose. Dry and soft voice. Talks Japanese fluently, English is on a pretty good level and knows some very casual words from Spanish, German, French and Russian.

Civilian clothing (whole wardrobe): dark-green hoodie, lightly gray Nike hoodie, sports dark gray windcheater, Kalenji sneakers, running shoes, jeans, warm dark-brown pants, NASA peaked cap, Hawaiian green swimming shorts.

Hero Costume: black singlet over steel armor, cammo shorts and a dark blue bandana.

I Believe...

I can be a hero.