Intro Video


The “peace” is between “wants” and “musts”. Am I right?

As a synth, I don’t have sex or gender, but I’m thinking of myself as the domination figure, attracted to women.


Who Am I...

A synth samurai of cold from Nuevora.

Romantic Interests

Female intelligent creatures – women.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

It all started many years ago. My mindprint was created fifty seven years back from today, and it was based on a man named Ichigo Senshi. I don’t know who he was, but the way I’m thinking gives me honor to have a mind of such a person. My body, as it is now, was created forty-eight years ago, and from very birth I was working for the Nuevora nation. My home. A giant flying mountain with a huge city on it, built and inhabitated by synths – sentient robot that can feel everything a normal human can. We were progressing, living in peace and always ready for war… That came from below – the Aero Wolf Pack. They attacked us, eleven years ago, while I was on the aerodrome. They threw me off my homeland, down, into the ocean… I survived, but lost my home. After so many years of seeking for Nuevora, i couldn’t find it, and for now i almost lost my hope.

We, synths, don’t see a big difference between genders, we need food but as fuel, we feel every emotion and every sense of a normal human, we are free to change…

My Appearance

Skin: Matte gray-blue, Pale blue and Metallic Gray.
Face: Metallic kull with black lenses on the place of eyes with glowing white dots functioning as pupils. Two small devil horns on the forehead working as antennas for comunication.
Body: Fit androgynous, large “tattoo” on the back portaiting a snowflake styled wolf. Digitigrade, five toes and five fingers.
I have the ability to freeze air and make nanorobots snowflakes for many needs.



Grosslaserwerk (portable laser turret)
Ultra batteries x6
Backpack (gray, synthetic, large)

Wolf fur coat


My Secrets Are...

I keep a huge database from Nuevora in my memory card. There are many ultra technologies that we wouldn like to share.

I’m very obsessed with freedom, even too much to show off some monstrosity and demonic creepness.

I Believe...

Maybe I will find my home. I believe i can help people. I believe there is someone like me as a soul.