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KEEP IN MIND: This character is a silent protagonist, and it is very rare to get him to speak to one at all. Do not fear if he does not wish to talk back, it’s no dis against anyone or anything. They just hardly want to speak

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My Story Is...

“I guess you’re really just gonna stand there till I say something, huh? Fine…”
“My name is John… John Louise Kane. I was born on Earth in the year 2117, to a mother named Mary and a father named Colton Kane. Old fashioned… I guess you could say. In my time, there are very few people who know the name of God; but I am proud and humbled to say that I am in his grace.”
“For once… God /saved/ me”
“When I was growing up, I was always intrigued and astounded by the sights and sounds of the Services. The bright commercial’s who’d show up on my television while I enjoyed the rest of my Sunday relaxing after church. So when I was 18 and fresh out of school, I joined the Space Marine corps. as soon as I was legally able to sign up. Heh… my mother had a fit. But after a few good words with my father and a short prayer to the Lord she let me go. Matter of a fact my old man hardly had a thing to say about it; other than it was my life and my Will. ‘If the Lord bid it? Then let it be’. How I should have stayed… how I should have just kept my normal life on Earth and as far far away from that cursed place.”
“I’ll never forget seeing the red planet close in from the space shuttle. No more than three months after completing my training I was deployed to replace another Marine who had been lost in a secret mission. There’s nothing worse than going in blind, to be completely and bitterly unaware of what you are dealing with or what happened to the last guy. The things that they were doing on that planet…”
“Men should not tamper with that which they do not understand…”
“Bertruger. He /unleashed/ Hell on Mars… legitimate Hell. Trying to make himself some kind of Dark Lord and create a reign of Evil by using forces he did not truly control. Helpless and caught completely offguard, most of my friends… the people in the facility. Every single person in that place was killed or worse, taken as soulless abominations and possessed out of their natural state. They even tried to take /my/ soul….”
“I wasn’t easy though”
“Hell threw everything they had against me, and all I could do was throw myself back. Find a way to stop them coming there, to protect myself.”
“Always there was Demons right around a corner, waiting in a room or just appearing from out of nowhere. The station, Hell itself; everywhere that I went there was something trying to claw the life out of me. Agony… but in that fiery inferno? There I found the Soul Cube… the only weapon that could be used to seal off the Hell Portal and fight Hell’s mightiest warriors. It was some device that an ancient Martian people created when faced with the same dread. They too were assailed by the Devil’s wake, and so in desperation they poured the essence of nearly every single being in their society into the Soul Cube. Wielded then by their most powerful fighter to banish the darkness back into their pit, till /we/ woke them up again. Bertruger wanted to use the Fleet of UAC Ships to ‘Bring this Hell to Earth’, but I couldn’t let that happen. I couldn’t let him drag Earth into a fiery hole, so I did what any sane man would. Took up some /insane/ firepower, and strafed and danced with the forces of Hell…”
“There I was, dancing rings around the Portal so to say. There was no real dancing involved at all, I was just running and dodging really hard. The smell and the heat were so intense… it made my adrenaline run like an IV straight to my blood stream. A towering demon I couldn’t even slay, not without the Soul Cube; its power was drawn upon the souls of my enemies. Every lesser demon I’d slay, it’d add up till I heard them whisper from my suit’s inventory ‘Use us…’ before I’d call it out. And every time I’d set the Cube upon something, its soul would drain into me and heal my body. Give me its power… till at last I smote the massive Cyberdemon, and cast its ruin into the portal with the Soul Cube to which it sealed the place off forever…”
“In truth? I do not know what happens next… I-I believe I was teleported”
“but I woke up far far from where I had been after the ground shook. And the fiery magma cooled into hard stone so thick no demon’s claw could ever scrape through it. The Fleet had arrived after I sent the distress signal, and they found me dazed and unarmed in one of the storage areas. Man… what a mess they had to clean up there.”
“That facility was nearly completely destroyed… but it was certainly 100% inoperable. Nobody could ever conduct experiments in that place without being scarred with the memory. Even now I hear the wreckage can still be heard… whispering. Waiting for Man to make the same mistake and unleash Hell once again. Luckily for me… I’m gonna be transported back to Earth for a while. Put me on some… extended leave so that I might be able to recover from such an awful endeavor.”
Unbenounced to him, Fate had far more in store for John Kane for his ship would never make its way back to his Earth… it would find itself pulled into an unseen anomaly. Yanked through a wormhole and spat into an alternate universe set in a different time.

My Appearance

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 186
Hair: Short, jet black and lightly smoothed back
Eye color: Deep dark brown
Physique: Sturdy, with a muscular frame from years of training and experience in the Space Marines. His neck and face are stocky, broad
Skin: Pale, nearly hairless for the light suit of power armor he wears.

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UAC Standard Pistol: Basic projectile weapon with 9mm ammunition, 12 bullets per mag
UAC Pump Shotgun: Mean little weapon with wide spread but considerable firepower at close distance, eight round slug.
UAC Assault Rifle: Demon’s might be demons, but there are very few things immune to getting sixty rounds of .35 millimeter bullets slammed into their face from this high-rate little toy
UAC Plasma Rifle: Developed on Mars by the UAC’s top scientists, this fierce weapon fires slow moving but intensely hot blasts of super-heated plasma. The glowing blue orbs slamming into their targets for intense damage offered by no other weapon except for the RPG… which he doesn’t have.
UAC Flashlight: Standard issue utility light… not the brightest thing in the world, but with a static transfer supply battery change is a thing of the past. It just takes it from the user’s hands and the static in the air, and while Kane /could/ use it in his left hand and use another weapon in the right? Left hands are the tools of Satan, and by the grace of God he’d never be caught dead using it except to assist the Right. Still though, when caught with just his light out? It is a very handy thing to bonk a fiend with being about a foot and a half long and made of solid steel.
UAC-Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
Soul Cube
And being a highly trained Marine, John is fearless and totally down to use his fists. Never afraid to drop a gun and pop shoulders out of place in a triangle hold or break jaws in a set of solid jabs. Other than fire-arms he believes that most weapons are clumsy and heavy, even a delicate knife. They’d much rather crush his enemies and break them with what God gave him. Or to kill them quickly with intense weaponry Mankind gave, not hack at something till it fell apart with an axe.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

"God is with us, even in the darkest and most trying times he is right there. Somewhere…"