Who Am I...

A young male looking to explore and find new friends to adventure with

Romantic Interests

Shorter light skinned females with dark hair and good personality

My Story Is...

I was brought up in an eastern seaboard town called Seattle where we mostly see only rain and bright artificial lights. I wanted to see the world so I left my home at the age of 16 and started adventuring and fending for myself while meeting new people on the way. On this adventure, I also look for the only to finally complete me that I may settle down and live a simple but interesting life.

My Appearance

I am a young light-skinned male that is on the shorter than avg side of high at about 5’10 I have shiny wavy jet black hair and a slim toned athletic build. I have a slightly pointier nose that most guys and blue eyes like that of a shimmering stream, I don’t smile a lot and some of my teeth are not greatly straight but it fits my facial structure.


I always have a small metal replica of a wolf’s tooth on a chain around my neck and usually keep my cell phone, and wallet with me. Clothing is a casual Adidas pants and t-shirt fit

I Believe...

That the man made world is for those who fear nature