nyan chan

Intro Video

Who Am I...

i am a small teen girl living in alaska. I like warm drinks, bananas, and swimming in the summer time. i’m very loving uwu, and i love tight cuddles

Romantic Interests

daddy kink, masochist,sadist,rope bunny, ageplayer,submissive, brat, experimentalist

My Story Is...

i grew up in northern alaska. Growing up i was always known as the shy girl at school. My teachers would always stare at me, so i was afraid to do anything because i thought i would get in trouble. My parents are from korea, but i do not speak korean myself. I love anime and playing overwatch, and i also love long night walks.

My Appearance

i’m 5,2, asian, black long hair, big brown eyes, sort of petite figure, very smol, my jaw is structured perfectly and i have a natural lip pout.


i collect pusheen cats, i play piano, i play video games on my xbox, i have very cute clothes from japan when i went in 2017, and i have candles that smell like raspberries.

My Secrets Are...

i’ve never had sex before
i do masturbate tho
i want a boyfriend
and i need a hug

I Believe...

love comes in all shapes and sizes

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