can summon demons and energy weapons wide knowledge over demonic and angelic magic



His physical strength speed endurance inelegance and durability are way beyond humans and wolfs the same as his taste smell sight hearing and sense of direction he can summon any amount of wolfs to come and stand by his side as he wants he can also turn into a snow white wolf

Who Am I...

Daughter of Abaddon and an angel

Romantic Interests

Love is weird

Relationship Status


My Story Is...


My father is one of the oldest demons yes my father is Abaddon but no I’m not full demon now I know what you are going to say if your not full demon. Then are you part human to that I say eww why would my father fall in love with a human no it’s worse than that my father fell in love with an angel she stole my father’s heart a few months later and I was born. I spent my childhood growing up with my father and mother it was great but it would not last for someone told the man upstairs about my existence and who my parents were so my father was given the worse punishment. They banish my mother from ever seeing my father ever again. I was told that I can come to heaven whenever I want but here is the thing I hate heaven there is one angel I love is my mother I might look like I am young but in reality, I am two hundred years old that is all you need to know.



Well my story starts the day my father Kuga met my mother Tania my father is from a native American tribe he was the best fisher they had the tribes diety was a wolf Goddess and it was said that if a man from our tribe saved her they would fall in love one day my father was fishing in the forest when he saw a beautiful snow-white wolf walk onto a large rock overhanging the falls now my father always had a small hatchet with him when he was in the forest so he made his way up to the wolf once he was standing in front of it he noticed that there was a rope tied tightly around its front right paw so he carefully cut the rope off with his hatchet as soon as the rope was on the rock the wolf changed it shape turning into a beautiful native American female and from that day on my father and mother loved each other deeply and after two years my mother gave birth to me they named me Kiba now after many years living with my tribe I left to travel the world learning a new martial art that went well with my powers I soon came across Nyko we built up a very strong friendship and now we travel the world together

My Appearance


A black white and red schoolgirls uniform long black hair pale skin four foot six



his face and skin resembles that of a native American he has long black hair but his ears are snow white wolf ears he also has a snow white wolf tail he has a strong physical build his eyes are yellow wolf eyes


Need to know basis

My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell you

I Believe...

That the only way to do have a good life is to fight for it