Maleya loosely translates into ‘people of the wolf ways’ . Maleya were the hunters of Kaliskel, they provided the kingdom with all of its food, and happily served the king and queen. When Kaliskel was destroyed, only one Nicheya, and one Maleya, survived. Aphrodite and Nyxx. Now they each search for ways to save their races. Or create a new super race if it comes to it, called Lineya.

Who Am I...

Neferet is a race from Kaliskel, called Maleya.

Romantic Interests

Both men, and woman.

My Story Is...

At a young age, the nicheya, and the maleya got along, so Neferef grew up alongside Aphrodite. But Neferet is different type of Maleya. While most of the species from Kaliskel dont intermingle to mate, her mother, a maleya, fell in love with a Nicheya, her father. The romance was hidden, and Nita, her mother snuck across the borders every night to see Kitar, her father. About a month after this forbidden fling started, Nita found out she was with child. Stricken with fear the child would be killed, she ran away from her tribe. When Neferet was born, Nita raised her on her own for six years, before returning to Kaliskel, claiming her father was unknown, but Kitar knew differently. So, when Nita was shunned by her people, Kitar took her in. Aphrodite, who’s mother was fhe queen of Kaliskel was very joyous about the news, and immediately took a liking to young Neferet. And when the romance was discovered between Nita and Kitar, Aphrodite was the one who made sure Nyx lived. But Nita and Kitar, she held no sway over. The lovers died holding eachothers hand. Years later, when Kaliskel was being destroyed, Aphrodite made sure to take Neferet with her. But the two were separated and Neferet has been trying to find Aphrodite ever since, searching for a way to help her.

My Appearance

Neferet has dark blue hair, a vibrant color, with white tips red eyes, which glow. Her skin is a slightly pale color, and her features are wolf like. A longer, pointed nose, sharp canines, and her lips are tinged black. Her hands are clawed, with longer fingers that most. Her ears, are blue like her hair, with the same white tips, and her tail matches. She stands at about four foot, and is lithe, and fit.
When in her wolf form, she stands at eight feet tall, with spiraling and swatches of blue within her black and white fur. Her eyes match as well. Shes long, and lithe in this form as well, and has her blue, crystal necklace on her.
When in human form, she can commonly be seen with her necklace, and long, billowing skirts of silken gold, with a matching cropped top, and bare feet, with bells on her feet.