Oaklyn Grove


“Has anyone seen my dearest sister, Willow? I’m afraid to think of what a hungry wendigo could do to a town full of humans…”



Twin/sister: Willow Grove

Father: Xain Grove

Mother: Left before anyone could find out her name!

Niece: Mina & Ina



Childish, immature, little to no impulse control, never really thinks things through, tries to lighten any serious situation, loud. Meet me to find out more! And remember, not all children’s rhymes are as innocent as they seem.

Who Am I...

Oaklyn Valen Grove. Really question is.. Am I even real? Or just a figment of your imagination?

Romantic Interests

Bisexual- male lean.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...


My Appearance

Long, somewhat wavy, teal hair, with short bangs. Big, bright yellow eyes. Around 5’5 in height, with a pale complex and average sized body. She’d have light freckles, and slightly pointed ears.


She’d wear a grey turtleneck sweater that was tucked into a black skirt, black tights on underneath.


Potions, medical shit, herbs, etc.

My Secrets Are...

..Why the hell should I tell ya?

I Believe...

that people change.