Sherise 'Karma' Sandoe

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**This Character is an OC based out of the world of  Remnant. Based off the webseries known as RWBY (Created and owned by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth)**



Aura Manipulation:


Aura is the manifestation of our soul. It bears our burdens and shields our hearts. “


On the world of Remnant, Aura is the manifestation of one’s soul, and can be used for a wide range of abilities. As each person is unique and their strengths differ, so do Auras from person to person.
Skilled users of Aura can create their own barriers, or even increase their own abilities in some way. Weapons and armor can also act as a conduit for Aura, which gives an even wider range of offensive and defensive applications. This isn’t exactly limited to traditional weapons either, rather whatever the user was holding.
While powerful, Aura degrades in strength over time, which limits the applications during heavy, lengthy combat. While active, the user is immune to physical damage though they still can feel the pain and temperature of attacks they receive, but once the Aura is depleted they are left in a weaken state in which they can more easily receive damage.
Other applications include rapid healing of minor wounds and accelerated healing for major ones, which deplete the Aura considerably. And a form of Extrasensory perception, being responsible for that sensation of being watched even though you aren’t aware that someone was there.
The major application of Aura with a Hunter or Huntress is what is known as a Semblance.


Your Semblance is like a muscle. The more you practice with it, the stronger it will become. But if you only focus on one aspect of it…if you fail to test the limits of what you think is possible…then you’ll never truly grow. “


A Semblance is the manifestation of ones innate and personal power as an ability, a reflection of the soul and the powers as unique as people are from one another. The nature of a Semblance is noted as representing an aspect of their persona and can be similar to parents or family. It has also been described as a more physical manifestation of ones Aura.
Karma’s Semblance is called
Wings Of The Valkyrie, they sprout large Angel like wings from her back that allow her to fly at high speeds. Being semi-solid, Karma has used this ability in battle to bat Grimm aside and protect herself from the stinger of a Death Stalker. She doesn’t necessarily need to summon both Wings at once, and can sprout them instantly if needed.
Her Semblance further evolved in Beacon, after facing and nearly dying fighting a Nevermore. Karma having gained the ability
Feather Rain, with a flap she can release a volley of feathers with arrow like points over a maximum distance of a dozen meters.
She is skilled enough to also be able to combine different elements of Dust to augment her style in combat.


“In the young days of Mankind, the battle against the Grimm was grueling and dangerous and pushed us almost until extinction. Humanity with their ingenuity and resourcefulness discovered a way to harness a new power they called ‘Dust’ and used it against the Grimm.”


Dust is a source of energy in Remnant. The physical properties of Dust(Sometimes referred to as Nature’s Wraith) make it incredibly useful for multiple purposes, such as weapons, technology, and power.

There are four basic types of dust, Red (fire), Blue(ice), Yellow(electricity), and Green(wind). All the other dust types and effects can be made combining these basic four. Other effects include Propellant, Combustion, Gravity, Hard-Light, and rock.

Who Am I...

A Huntress in Training from the world of Remnant

My Story Is...

Sherise ‘Karma’ Sandoe



Sherise was born in a small settlement on the outskirts of the country of Vale called Sumire. Life outside of the Kingdom proper meant that growing up she bore witness to more Grimm and accompanying death than any child really should, due to the fact that there were little Huntsmen that actually resided there. Though one day when Sherise was very young, a group of Huntsmen saved her and her and her family and inconsequentially showing the girl what she would want to do with her life.

As soon as she was old enough to exercise, Sherise started training to become a Huntress, a defender of the people. But her parents were simple people, a farmer and a seamstress and not very wealthy at that. But they managed to scrape by long enough to send their daughter to the neighboring settlement of Patch to live with a friend and more importantly, for Sherise to attend the combat school of Signal.

Things went well for a long time as Sherise trained and learned to be a more efficient Huntress, while also making lots of friends along the way. During her first year there, Sherise stood up to and played a mean trick on the class bully, which resulted in the nickname Karma that would stick with her for the rest of her life. In her second year Karma had learned about the knights of old, mostly through fairy tales and legends; but the story that stuck with her the most was those of the Valkyries.

In her final year Karma had decided on her fighting style, donning both armor and shield. It was only after that her Semblance would finally awaken. A pair of large, bright wings made up of her Aura that could lift her into the sky.

The brown haired, silver eyed huntress in training finished her final year at Signal not at the tippy top of her class in terms of strength or intelligence, but she could claim one thing. Her clarity of focus even under the stress of the battlefield, able to tactically assess situations and out maneuver her classmates in sparring matches.

Finally it was time to prove herself on a larger scale, after having gained entrance to Beacon Academy. Karma thought it was just sheer luck that her first year there Vale would host the Vydal festival and with anxious excitement looked forward to watching it the entire year. Beacon’s schooling and training had greatly advanced and refined her skill, though that was short lived as the year was interrupted with the fall of Beacon.

Karma had spent that night with her team, defending the city of Vale from Grimm long enough until the authorities had arrived and the sun came up.

It was difficult for Sherise to get her way back to Sumire and with the fall of the communications Tower, it was impossible for her to get back in contact with her parents. But by the time she had gotten back everything had gone to hell, her entire settlement having been destroyed. There was a handful of survivors, but fate would have it that her parents weren’t among them. Everyone else she knew growing up was dead, all the locations she had grown to know and love raised to the ground with fire and with that… Her childhood.

Her first reaction was one filled with pain and grief, to go destroy every single Grimm that she could. On a dangerous hunting spree, Karma disappeared for weeks into the Emerald Forest, Forever Fall, and Mt. Glenn; viciously slaying any creatures of darkness that crossed her path.

She did return to find her team scattered, half of them having returned to their home countries. Karma still, after her tantrum, desired to be an official Huntress; so she headed east towards the country of Mistral with the idea of finishing her schooling there. Unfortunately, she never made it there as somehow she ended up in Hellifyno.

My Appearance

Karma is 5’3 with brown hair and silver eyes, she also has light tan skin with a dusting of freckles across her face.


Like a modern day paladin, Karma wears full covering armor in two layers. Underneath was a lightweight mesh in the form of a long sleeve shirt and pants, colored silver and gray.
On top a series of hardened pieces to protect her more vital areas such as the head (Helmet), shoulders (Pauldrons), chest (Breastplate), arms (Bracers and Rerebraces), legs (Tassets and Greaves) and feet(Boots) all in a deep red color.

Morrígan: Karma’s longsword with runic designs along its length. The hilt of the blade isn’t what one would expect, rather it was a half dome; similar to what was placed on a lance. There was a trigger on the hilt as well, that when pulled while in the sheath turned them both into a lever action shotgun similar to the Model 1901. Both the sword and sheath have ports for dust/ dust-infused bullets.

Bellona: A round shield that has both holdable handles and straps. As a defensive option, it has been known to resist even the biggest of Grimm Karma has come across such as the Nevermore, King Taijitu, and Goliath. Both Morrígan and Bellona can combine together to form a Lance of war and destruction.

Karma also has Dust and Dust-infused bullets to compliment her weapons.
She also has a cell phone device called a Scroll.