Intro Video

Who Am I...

I am sK8 of Taria. Last remaining Tarian of my kind and hand picked by the multiverse to destroy chaotic planets. /And to anyone who wants to roleplay with her, you shall know her as a agressive alien baby! uwu She is just a big protective bean/

Romantic Interests

"R-Romance? What is that? What is this strange word that you humans use?" /Guys, she is a confused bisexual!/

Relationship Status

Single and the biggest virgin in the universe.

My Story Is...


The story of how this young tarian came into this world has been lost from the archives eons ago along with her planet. Many had said that the multiverse had hand made her themselves, some say she was made by the god of destruction. It had never been told. Although, her childhood was known well from the neighboring planets that once orbited along with the planet Taria. 

All the archives had said was that little sK8 was raised by King Zorpht. A man of wisdom, a man of power too. Taria had been a peaceful place. No wars had occurred there in decades due to a line of peaceful rulers and fair laws.

Zorpht was a different man though. He craved more power, more land. You see, Taria was a small planet, filled with red magic bearers. Red magic was more complex fire magic. It held hotter magic than any fire on earth. Their magic was used for blacksmith purposes, and welding for the people of their sector of space. Zorpht wanted more than just red magic. He wanted what the tarians called, “blue magic”, otherwise known as cosmic power. 

Cosmic power was what the cosmic beings of the multiverse held. A mighty power that held the forces to make planets, and also destroy them. To create, and destroy at your very will. Zorpht wanted this power. He could create anything he wanted just with a wave of his hand. To destroy anyone who got in his way. The way he wanted this done? To kill a cosmic goddess that the tarian’s worshiped. 

Galixa, their god, would come down during a festival that the tarian’s threw every year to honour her name. Giving her gifts, prayers, and a party in her name. It would take years for this plan to be put into action however, for he needed to get his subjects to agree with his plan of power. One of Galixa’s children had one day learned of this evil plan, and informed his mother immediately of what he was planning to do.

This was where sK8 had come along. Like said before, no one knew how she was brought into this world, but one day? She was there. A daughter of the king, and his only child at that. 

sK8 was a… weird child. She seemed to know things that not even her father knew about the outside universe. Learned things a lot faster than normal. She stayed in her room most of the time, mumbling to herself or some unseen force. The strangest thing. She never seemed to have any magic. No one had ever seen the girl use her magic for anything. It almost was as if she didn’t have any at all. 

Then the festival had started to be set up. Years after years, the king had finally got his subjects to comply with his plan for more power. Everyone seemed to be in a better mood than all the other years. As they set up, they would have usual foods, games, and other activities. sK8 of course, hated the festivals. She was forced to sit by her father the entire time while everyone else got to have fun. Royal stuff. 

This year? This year was different. She felt sick, and tired. Zorpht quickly wrote it off as her trying to get out of her duties as a princess. And as they were getting ready to go? sK8 sat on her bed, watching from the outside window at all the festivities going on outside. 

In a split second, the tarians room had been filled with a blue light that only herself had seen. And there, stood a tall male, with the aura of a thousand stars. This man was not new to her, for he appeared every now and again to talk with her. His name was Billy, as he had said to her the first time they had met. Billy had come to give her a gift on this day, deeming her worthy to finally see her “true” potential.

Of course, sK8 had agreed to the gift, curious of what it was. Though, the moment of agreement? The cosmic being had shifted into another bright light, which soon surrounded the girl. The next events had all been a blur to sK8, but what had happened? 

Billy, had awakened a deep power within the girl, a power that no one had ever detected within her. The reason no one had seen her magic? Was because it was blue magic, the very magic her father had been trying to achieve himself. And this cosmic power had altered the girls form, and mind to what the multiverse wanted.

Needless to say? Zorpht’s plan had been known all along. And the universe was angry. sK8 had been a tool made by Galixa herself to punish the king for his treachery. The planet, along with all its inhabitants, were murdered that day. sK8, not in control of her own body anymore, had single handedly destroyed everything she had ever known. 

It had all been too fast for little sK8. One minute, she had been her basic self. The next? A changed, and power filled girl with the power of the universe.


sK8 hadn’t been heard of since. People say she floats around the universe, looking for planets that Galixa was displeased with to dispose of. Some people say she had killed herself soon after the ordeal. No one is too sure.

Maybe you might just meet her yourself.

My Appearance

sK8’s apperence is much like a humans. But also, much much different.

The tarian has light grey skin, with scars of a darker gray here and there along her body. Her eyes? The white part of her eyes had turned a dark dark grey when she had her transformation, and eye color in general had stayed the same. Lime green.

The most extrodinary thing about sK8, is her beautiful hair. It is like looking into the night sky, and seeing all the beautiful stars through a blue hue. Her hair is literally the galaxy, and feels like normal hair.

Tarian’s have antlers, which will grow flowers the older you get in your life. sK8? She had cut them off before she had left the remains of her planet to signify she was an outcast from her kind. It’s just what they do.

her hands are pretty much weapons. A tarian’s fingers are like knives due to the sharpend point they have. Theyre is no way to fix this, and sK8 accidently nicks herself sometimes when she is just sitting alone.

Her clothing is a black tee shirt, with a blue and black stripped long sleeved shirt underneath. She wears blue shorts, and has a black or blue scarf that she will wear.



sK8 doesn’t have much. Sometimes she may have food with her. Or cool little trinkets she finds here and there.

She does have her magic though. Her powerful, cosmic magic.

My Secrets Are...

Serets are what keeps sK8 alive. She will hardly tell anyone anything about herself, and will be quite agressive to anyone.


Though, even though agressive is one of her main personality traits? She would love nothing more to just settle down on a planet that isn’t trying to kill her.

She even secretly craves affection from someone. No one dares give any love to the outcasted tarian though, for she is too “dangerous” for anyone to love, leaving sK8 quite a affection starved and lonely person.

I Believe...

Anyone can be forgiven for their mistakes. No matter what you did, I can forgive you.