Who Am I...

I am a Forest Nymph, I think…

Romantic Interests

I love my forest

Relationship Status

I do not understand this…

My Story Is...

My story is simple so far.

I live in my forest and protect it from bad things.

My forest is all I know.

I was told by a great voice to be cautious of the world outside my forest. For it is dangerous and full of mystery. I was also told that outside my forest there is a force. It is known as good and evil. I am not sure what this force is and I fear it’s truth.

I know what good is and I think evil is bad, but I will never be sure.

The great voice told me that if I want to know the truth that I must never let go of my philosophy.

That with life comes death and with death comes life. A perfect balance must always stay in place. For without balance all will die and never rise again.


I have now made the bold decision of stepping outside my forest, but all I see is a field of grass extending as far as the eye can see.

I was told by the great voice that leaving my forest is dangerous and if I do not return once every 12 moons I will die and never rise.

Let us see what lies beyond the grass field.

My Appearance

I’m small in stature and quite thin.

I have long ribbon grass hair with white stripes.

My skin is light green and my eyes are lavender.

I like wearing beads, so I wear them a lot and the forest clothes me when needed.





I have many beads that I wear made of the branches from the trees of my forest that fall occasionally and clay from the ground below.

I also have a sword made of bone from a large creature that I’ve never seen before. The great voice told me to make it, for one day I will need it to defend myself.

I have a bag that the forest made for me as a parting gift.

-It has many seeds from my forest In a pointed poppy tulip

-Small twigs

-Thread and needles made of long thorns

-A beautiful stone from the great rivers of my forest

-A wooden box to keep all the small things in

And a Journal that the forest made for me with a Greenleaf Quill

Thank you Forest


My Secrets Are...

The great voice told me to keep the location of my forced a secret.

I Believe...

I believe in The Grate Voice, for he knows grate wisdom. At least… I think it is a he…