Obsidian the Gypsy

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Hey guys just a little info about me the writer I am 23 years old I live in Australia. been rp’ing for 8 years but i’ve been on this site for 7 years. if you need any help just asking 🙂 if you want to rp just ask 🙂

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My Story Is...

Blood full of magic, not a drop of it is human for you see her mother was a gypsy witch and her father was a runaway werewolf prince. He changed his name and left all his land for an adventure and that is what he found but what he didn’t think he’d find was a gypsy in the middle of it all, a gypsy who stole his heart.


Obsidian was the result of this union and still neither her nor her mother knows the true roots of her father, Obsidian doesn’t know she is a princess.


Growing up her father trained his daughter how to defend herself and her mother taught her survival and magic.

My Appearance

Obsidian: red lips, bright hazel eyes with flecks of gold in them, brown curly/wavy hair that hangs around her waist it’s either out or braided back, hourglass figure, large chest, wide hips, narrow waist which is emphasized by her corset. Slender legs to match her graveful arms and an elegant neck to hold up her beautiful head



some throwing daggers, some coins