Esmeralda the Gypsy

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She’s a gypsy that wanders the streets with her horse called Stallion and her wagon that he pulls behind him, be careful that she doesn’t catch you in her web for she is know for having many lovers and leaving them all behind.


When she was young her mother taught her what it was to be a gypsy, her mother was a full bred and born Gypsy while her father was a run away werewolf prince who denounced his claim to the throne and taught Obsidian how to fight, fed for herself, play the violin, guitar and cook. her father was murdered by monster hunters who killed off her gypsy family, she was left scared mentally and these days she is happy, she spends her time travelling mostly by her self but will always return home for a season to share what she earns, stole and found. at times when she’s not around she is off seducing some rich man and when she has his trust she steals from him and runs away into the night.


One during one night of passion Obsidian became with child. she fled of course knowing the man would be furious. she returned home and had a celebration with her family till nine months pass and she gave birth to a girl and called her Esmeralda.


She Traveled with her daughter showing her the life of a gypsy, raising her the same was she was till her daughter was old enough to choose her own life.

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My Appearance

Obsidian: red lips, bright hazel eyes, brown curly/wavy hair that floats around her waist that’s either out or braided back, hourglass figure, large chest

Esmeralda: she had the same frame as her body, curvaceous and full body, soft red lips, she has her fathers eyes and long slender legs that were great for dancing and running.



some throwing daggers, some coins

My Secrets Are...

she has her grandfathers werewolf blood but still can’t shift into a werewolf