Bruce Wayne

Who Am I...

Owner of Wayne Enterprises

Romantic Interests

By Appointment

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Known as Gotham City’s billionaire playboy,  he is the principal shareholder of Wayne Enterprises and a major public figure. When Bruce was only 8 years old, he watched his parents die after they were shot in a dark alley.

His closest relative is employee, Alfred Pennyworth, who has been serving the Wayne family since before Bruce was born.



My Appearance

Bruce is extremely fit with a muscularly toned body which is well suited for his signature suit and tie business-like demeanor. He is in his early 30’s with short, jet black hair and a clean shaved face.

My Secrets Are...

The word ‘secrets’ is synonymous with the name Bruce Wayne and few people are privileged to them.

I Believe...

in Justice