Desmond Foles

Intro Video

Who Am I...

An overall psychopath.

My Story Is...

The only thing that is know about Desmond is  his psychic formality. That, and being the brother to Zoey Foles.

Outside of that, he’s been believed to have been dead for the last few months.

He’s a master at faking his own death… And has came from the clutches of death it’s self, for reasons even he doesn’t know. He came back with his sanity intact, even, as his sanity was out the window before hand.

My Appearance

Age: unknown (estimated around 20-28)

Hair color: black

Hair length: short

Eye color (natural): Green

Eye color (Focused Insanity): Deep Blue

Telekinetic Abilities..

Lifting objects with mind


Shock wave – Similar to Zoey’s shock wave, only it can be used strictly for defense, and nothing else.

Focus – A boost in his telekinetic energy, Something that doubles, and sometimes triples his telekinetic energy..

Telekinetic Storm – A fast acting attack that works close range as offence and defense. Anything that gets within it’s 5 foot radius will either be flung away or torn apart.

Strengths: His own mind, and his own mental will power that keeps him from being effected by outside attacks to his mind on any level being magic, or through telepathy.

Weaknesses: Unknown.

My Secrets Are...

What the hell happened to me..?